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8 men gathered at the Elizabeth Traditional lot, and as the clock struck 7:00, looked around for a leader. Finding none, we instead found 8.

The Thang (a rough recollection):

  • Mosey to the Rose Garden for some COP, which included:
    • Merkins (by a shockingly-svelte Tackleberry);
    • Step-Ups OYO (it’s a real exercise, and spared Razorback some cadence-counting);
    • Dips;
    • Imperial Walkers (Karate-Kid style, at least by Freeloader);
    • Mountain Climbers;
  • Mosey back to the Indy playground, with Film Festival leading some circuits of:
    • Up-the-hill
    • Burpees (or the newly-famous “deconstructed burpee” that somehow incorporates a squat?) at the top of the lot;
    • back-down-the-hill;
    • pull-ups.
  • Mosey to the Castle, where we ignored the “Do Not Enter” Crime-Scene Tape and moseyed to the top for some Mary;
  • Run down the Castle’s parking-deck levels;
  • Indian Run around Memorial Stadium (well most of the way);
  • To the Elizabeth Hill and up (allegedly there were some workouts in the crosswalks, but YHC having skipped those to the point of not really even remembering what was called for);
  • Some Mary in the grass in front of Novant (which Double Eagle apparently assured us was “public property”);
  • To the new mini-deck near the shovel-flag for some merkins and Wojos (#GTHD #GDTBATH);
  • Back to the lot until the church-bells rang (on Razorback’s iPhone at least).


The Pax got in 3.5 miles and a good bit of work, despite a whole lot of levity and relaxed atmosphere as we cycled through Q’s almost by the exercise. It was classic Indy: lots of mumble-chatter (what would be without Double Eagle?); and  there were occasions when it sounded as if #HE might have been there (channeled by Longboat during some cadence-calling).

Great seeing everyone.

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