Old Dogs

The bell rang and the Faithful gathered in the Gloom

That’s the phrase I used to start every BackBlast off with (back in the day that I used to write every BackBlast). I don’t really remember what it meant or why I always used it, but I probably didn’t know why then either. But let’s be honest Brothers, the why just isn’t that important in F3. It’s really the what that matters.

For those that don’t know, which seems close to impossible, AG is the original F3Workout, dating back over seven years ago. It seems fantastic to me that Cougar is still the AG site-Q, given that he was there that first day. Look closely at the only picture we have of the 1/1/11 launch and you can see him (though why you would bother to do that is unclear to YHC).

When Cougar asked me to Q AG a couple of weeks ago I was pretty surprised. He had suspended me from the AG-Q rotation three years ago without disclosing either the reason why (some very arcane transgression I assumed) or the duration of my stay in the AG Doghouse. But here he was offering the Q without even mentioning the suspension or whether this was a temporary thing (or) whether I was permanently back in the AG good graces. I thought it better not to ask and risk breaking the mood of grace that had seemed to descend upon the irascible Buncombe County native. Good thing I did, because as it turned out he had just forgotten that I had been run off (and of course why). No point in reminding him.

As it had been awhile since my last Post to AG, I was a bit shocked at how old these guys had gotten in my absence (YHC, of course, is aging at a much slower pace). The average age of the group was about 51, but in Oz Years it was more like 61. The only guy who looked the same was Chips, and that’s only because he was wearing a giant Frank Martin hat that covered his whole head (including his face).

OK, enough of that. Here’s what we did:

1. Run to MPHS front door (17 SSH, 10 Merkins, 12 Dollies)

2. Run to the empty lot catty corner to Mouzon Baptist (17 SSH, 10 Merkins, 12 Dollies, 14 Mountain Climbers)

3. Run 3/4 down Brandywine (17 SSH, 10 Merkins, 12 Dollies 14 Mountain Climbrers, 16 Squat Thrusts0

4. Run to the QDog (4 Sets of 5 Pull-ups and 5 Squats)

5. Run up Hillsides, stopping (much more often than planned to wait for the six and do some dolly)

6. Head fake toward Queens (the Smedium Bear was whining and that was his punishment) and then a  button hook back to Colony

7. Three times up Acadia (yes haters) without seeing that American Airlines pilot who lives there and is always talking on his cellphone on the street (yup, it’s a bit suspicious) at 0730

8. Back to the barn via the MPHS rock trail

Nakedman Moleskin: 

I don’t want to get maudlin on anybody, but YCH got a little verklempt after the COT when it dawned on me that I’ve known about half of the PAX for seven years and they are still willing to call themselves my friends (or lie about it).

Twitter is suddenly full of journalists and academians who have discovered this SadClown problem that we’ve known about for seven years. Every time YHC reads one of those things (which usually feature some pathetic dude living in the Penalty Box Apartments because he drank and pissed his family away and now—finally—regrets it), I think how blessed I am to have these Old Dogs around to keep me in out of the ditch.

Thank you Old Dogs. Aye.


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