Tour de Midwood and 6@6 (it’s Official)

Alright, alright, alright.  Nice little morning on Saturday – cool enough to be refreshing, but the mercury got just high enough to only require shorts and a t-shirt.  People were shedding layers throughout the workout.  Pretty, pretty, prettttttttttty nice.

All of our 6@6ers departed before the workout – probably upon seeing the Q, doing a very quick risk/reward assessment, and opting for coffee, a warm shower, and some rare quiet time at the house before kids wake up.  6@6 BB is below.

Despite missing some of our regulars due to the marathon and 6@6 beatdown, the commitment of some of our newest Pax is remarkable!  With the exception of the Q, we had an entire workout of guys who joined our ranks within the past month.  Midwood is growing, get on the train!

Still running on kinetic energy generated from a nice Friday night of live music (Hiss Golden Messenger – if you don’t know, now you know), YHC got the Pax warmed up with some in-cadence work as follows:

Side straddle hops

Imperial Walkers


Mosey to the benches on the soccer field.  20xdips, run to the end of the field and backwards run back to bench; 20xderkins, run to end of field and backwards run back; 20xincline merkins, run to end of field and backwards run back.

Mosey out of the park and around the ‘hood stopping at each intersection for exercises along the way.  Exercises included:

Peter Parkers

Parker Peters

Mountain Climbers


John Travoltas (both sides)


Imperial Walkers

Freddy Mercurys


Mosey back to the park for COT and ball of man.  Takeout by YHC before Pax disperse – Halfbacker rolled out like a boss in a Tesla.


  • Beautiful morning.  Man, I love Saturdays in Midwood.
  • Excellent crew of new-ish Pax today.  Love the commitment, respect the dedication, and trying to emulate the enthusiasm.  Awesome group of new guys posting lately, couldn’t be more psyched about it.
  • Halfbacker fought through a recent ankle/foot injury – respect the hell out of that!
  • BA recently took a trip to Cleveland to visit the location that was the genesis of his name.  Slaughter, you will be proud to know it still exists!  Midwood field trip in the works…
  • Juice and MinuteMan dominated and were undeterred by Tips’ marathon training session last week.  Iron/iron.


Midwood 6@6

Date:  03/10/2018

Q: Mr Bo

Pax: Vorhees, Coach, Missing De

Route: Chambwood / Tippah / Kensington / Nassau / Hamorton Pl / The Plaza / Central / 7th / N Brevard / Mutha Ship (stairs) / N Caldwell-Parkwood / N Davidson / E 4th / Allen / Grace / Marguerite / Beacon / Mecklenburg / Wilhelmina (6.3miles with Nassau hill, Mutha stairs, Bonesaw).  We threw in some dips atop The Bonesaw while PAX regrouped.

Moleskin: Allergies are bad, just ask Miss De.  8:15ish pace with exception of mile that included Mutha stairs.  Q fail when it came to stair floor departure.  Guessed wrong, but Coach and Missing De were none the wiser.  Only Vorhees and YHC paid for the transgression.

This 6@6 is beginning to be a regular thing.  There’s a different course each week, so fellowship is encouraged as we stick together.  Here’s hoping it keeps going and growing.

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