Viva La Revolution

The Thang

COP on football field: 20SSH IC, 20Merkins IC, 20 IW IC, 10 MonkeyHumpers, 20 Windmill IC, 20 Plankjack IC, 20 LSS IC.  Partner up.  10 Derkins per partner.   10 Leg Throws per partner.  Repeat.

Mosey to brick ledge near picnic tables.    20 step-ups IC, leading with right L.   20 Dips IC.   20 step-ups leading with left L.  20 Dips IC.

Mosey back to football field:  Partner up (different partner).   Partner A runs up hill to Barninger, while Partner B does exercise.   Continue until pair reaches #.    50 Merkins, 100 SSH.  Plank while wait for 6.  200 LSF, 100 Plankjacks.  Plank for 6.     Pause for some Mary: LBCs 50 IC.

Mosey down path to underpass.   Grab a rock.   Curls for the Girls 20IC.   Switch rocks with Pax across from you. Overhead press 12IC.   Switch back. Skullcrusher 12IC.   Switch rocks with Pax to your Left.   12 Curls IC.   Switch back.  Overhead press 12 IC.    Skullcrusher 12IC.

Head back to football field by mix of bear crawl, crab walk, or lunge walk.  Your choice.

25 LBCs IC while wait for 6.

Partner up (different partner).   Partner A runs up hill to Barringer, while Partner B does exercise.   Continue until pair reaches #.    50 Burpees, 100 SSH.

Circle up for Mary.     Dolly: 20 IC;  Freddie Mercury: 20 IC.   Rosalita: 20 IC.   J-Lo: 20 IC.  John Travolta (left arm high) 12 IC.  Makhtar N’Diaye 10 IC.   John Travolta (right arm high) 8 IC.   Superman.


Welcome FNG Exhibit A!


  1. Keep EH’ing
  2. If you know any non-profits, churches etc in West Charlotte, please let us know or connect us,
  3. Snacks after workout,courtesy of Whim.

Take-out: Lynchpin



That was one big circle!

Was it just me or were those Rocks bigger than the average AO Rock?   Hopefully, they’ll chip down over time.

MonkeyHumpers sneak up on you, but don’t all Humpers?

Rev’s portable speaker projects better than YHC.  Maybe it should Q sometime.

20 LBCs IC are fine; 50 are finer.

Props to Whim who can whip a post work-out spread in the blink of an eye.  Whim’s Catering coming to an AO near you.

Welcome FNG Exhibit A who despite possibly sharing a family tree with Tesla has done quite well for himself as an asset investigator for the U.S. Atty’s Office.

Props to “I Feel Good” for hanging in there.  Not FNG, but 2nd time I believe?    I Feel Good is the Transformation Program Services Director at the Harvest Center, which serves the West Charlotte community.  Hallpass and DoReMi are on the Board.  And a few Pax were talking after the workout about how they could step-in and support the Harvest Center’s mission with their time.  Great to see Pax already plugging-in to make a difference in West Charlotte on Day 1 of Revolution.

Thanks LP for the take-out and for getting this Working Group working over the summer.  Thanks to OBT for putting us all together.

Thanks to everyone who showed up today, spread the word; please continue to post and EH.

Thanks to Rope-a-Dope for securing, labeling, and planting the Revolution Shovel Flag!

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  • March 12, 2018 at 12:08 pm

    “FNG Friendly” at Revolution means keeping the Pax close together so that anyone who needs to step to the side and Splash Merlot can do so at his own convenience and quickly rejoin nearby Pax.

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