Where is the entrance to Carmel Road Park?

The virtual shovel flag was planted and the clock struck 0530 am and 21 pax started doing SSH in the gloom. A classy sleek four door sedan carrying 1 pax named Tantrum screamed into the Carmel Rd Park then we were 22. Forgetful of past injuries or hernia surgeries we stretched out muscles prior to moseying over to the Church at Charlotte’s well lit parking lot. Aquafresh had to bag to catch a flight to Atlanta then we were down 21.

Real Simple. Workout in the Bag setup. 12 different stations. Stations 1,3,5,7,9,11 were Running stations with simple directions*, The even # stations 2,4,6,8,10,12 exercise stations. Each exercise station contained upper body,ab,and lower body exercises.The goal is to complete all 12 stations before time called. Go with Partners,Go with someone new, Go Solo ,free choice, start at any station move to the next station and follow the instructions get to as many different stations as you can, the True Beasts should have done all 12.

Per Sträva for Benefactor and Silent Bob 4.1miles. Several Pax like JudgeSmails run in& run out over 5miles for the morning. Designed majority of the running courses to overlap in order for PAX to cross paths and shout out encouragement as they cross paths, * = exception were the directions for sprinting the Carmel Rd Park parking lot



Carrier arrived Ultra Early to warm up with 2 laps around Church@CLT. 1 lap is 0.4miles. #loosenthejoints

AquaFresh is hitting all cylinders as SiteQ. There early to make sure his Q showed prior to leaving to catch his ATL flight. If Q no showed I am sure AF would have taken the reigns. #Bumphisflightifneeded

Form Police Update: Tantrum out in full force pointing out that most of the pax really botched Windshield Wipers…Windshield Wipers start both legs parallel to the ground at 0degrees,using abs & keeping knees&legs straight move both legs 90 degree position & perpendicular to ground, then move legs to 180 degrees position parallel to ground, then move the legs back up& over to 90 degrees backdown to 0 degrees, thats 1. #P90XDivision1athlete

Boat and Canoes were listed in Honor of Rock, A governator icon. As many pax who have posted with Rock over the years freak out when Knee-Ups are called. Most Pax keep their backs straight in one position as their feet& knees move back and forth. But Rock goes OldSchool and never flinches with Boat&Canoe KneeUps. Normally when pax look over at the Rock they freak and shout he is doing it wrong, however he is challenging himself more. Rock method of the Boat & Canoe Knee Ups he lays back and body out flat as his feet&knees move away from the body. When the knees come up so does his body as in position to paddle the canoe. Yes,they suck

Good to see ColdCuts out strong in the Gloom #ValleyQ  Good to have Gov FNGs SkoalBandit, VanWinkle and Norwood in the House.

D’oh one of the founding fathers of Governator which launches weekly from the Carmel Rd Park parking lot, had a hard time finding the entrance to Carmel Rd Park’s parking lot and ran down Carmel Rd to RTS. #Qfail TMI on directions for sprinting the lot x4.

Appreciate majority of the PAX wearing running lights as I figured it would be hard to see in the Governator gloom, Not sure what Cooter was wearing, in my gloom stupor thought his outfit resemble US figure skater Andrew Rippon’s Oscar Harness tuxedo. JoBoo was heard saying “HatsForBats” CashBack wearing his beloved Clempsum orange.

This format is simple and easy. It allows Beasts to push themselves on the run without having to slow down for the Clydesdales. The Clydesdales can focus on their heart rates and forms and not worry about staying up with the bunnies. The exercise stations work all the areas, upper, core, and lower body but also encourage camaraderie and mumblechatter.

Thanks for the Keys




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  • March 12, 2018 at 4:15 pm

    Thanks for the (as always) pro-quality Q Ribeye, not to mention great BB, always appreciated by the G-spot pax. I made my flight and got some 2ndF with Big Worm who was coincidentally seated in same row. BTW, he looks completely different out-of-gloom, good thing he recognized me.

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