15 men posted this AM to get a little stronger. Here’s what we did:

Quick 1 mile mosey down Kings to the clock tower. Starting at the clock tower: 20 dips, 10 derkins  Run to next fountain 5 burpees, run to weird stone monuments for 5 burpees, run to big fountain for some bear crawl around and back to the clock tower. Repeat 2 more times. To catch the six, we did an additional set of derkins/dips in cadence and some mary.

Next was 2 trips up Hardling Ln Hill. First was with squat kicks at the bottom, backwards run up, then 20 jumping lunges at the top. Second trip was jump squats, forward run and sumo squats. Finished with some magtarjie(?) for Nash and some diamonds + wide arms.

Started the mile trek home stopping twice for more burpees. Closed in on the AO quicker than YHC expected so we stepped into the parking deck for 20 burpees + 50 merkins and finished with some quick Mary.



~4 miles and ~60 burpees later everyone was happy to get back to the AO. That run down Kings is longer than I remembered, but is a great way to get some solid mileage in.

Gold medal today goes to Snots. That guy can RUN. He was flying by Foxx, Dib and some of the other F3 superstars. It was his first Bandit so hoping the difficulty was to his liking and he will return. We need someone like that to push everyone to go faster.

Per usual, constant complaining from Doobie. Dude seriously hates the wedge. It was on my initial agenda, but the clock tower circuit took longer than anticipated.

Teaser was out there again today coming back from a long-term injury. He’s getting faster by the day and I am sure will soon be screaming by Snots.

I know F3 is special because it is the only place where “this really sucks” is actually meant to be a compliment. I heard that multiple times this AM so thanks for all of your kind and supporting words.

Smokey with the takeout today. That guy does so many awesome takeouts it makes me think his true calling is the clergy. Thanks for the spiritual guidance going into the day and thanks to RF for the keys!





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  • March 14, 2018 at 2:08 pm

    Nice bag of trix today Paula! I’m
    going to Tonya Harding Snots next time I see him, too fast and too strong.

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