Atlas: Rearview mirror required

17 posted for Atlas (no I’m talking about last week).

Yeah this post is late. So let me take you backwards. Or maybe I just planned it that way since backwards was a big theme – see it all fits. And some of the description of the workout below may be out of order (which is ok since there was a lot of backwards).

Anyway what we did last week at Atlas if I can remember:

Lots of backwards running – basically anywhere in the backblast you see the word run think “backwards run”

Start with some backwards running plus warm up COP. Next a series of jumps down the parking lot returning to the other end by backwards run. Jump variations include: 2 foot broad jump, jump 180s, one foot hops, other foot hops.

More backwards run. Circle up for mountain/merkin 11s. These are 11s with merkins and 4 count mountain climbers.

More backwards run. Burpee variation – mostly sets of 10 I think. Regular, diamond, plank jack, hand release, spiderman, what else?

3 man grinders – Partner 1 (squats), Partner 2 (mountain climbers), Partner 3 bear crawls parking lot. Just keep rotating through the cycle.

Finish with some plank and other core stuff.


Too far removed for proper accounting of all the nonsense that went on. No one wiped out on the backwards run which is always good. Between bear crawl and mountain/merkin 11s everyone’s hands were hurting. It’s good for you. Probably. Managed to get a good workout in without ever leaving the school campus (and did not wake the neighbors). Call it a successful day all around.


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