Just Another Promo Day

EC ran hard and fast and that’s how I always do it. We did track work/ exercises with partners making each other hustle up for the next guy. Football Field – sprints and mini suicides…like I said it was a sweet 15 minutes.

Main Event the crowd kept getting bigger and new faces kept popping up and the more I saw the more fun I knew this day would be.

Follow Me:

Run to back of school for a few exercises and I knew we needed to start Running. When Stinger thought he was in my head I knew this was going to get weird.

I did panic a little bit but just for app 22 secs tops then it was clear what I needed to do.


to the disc partner 1 runs and 2 does several exercises w a few rounds of that.. chatter picks up , time to run


Follow Me to Goshen mini Goshen suicides for several rounds and a made up course off Goshen, that was totally off the hip. I heard several comments….which were true but I was in denial.  QUIET Time to RUN


Follow Me:

Back to the track w partner work and with complaints from the EC guys because they had already been down this path…shut up keep running. Next up…

You guessed it, football field sprints full and half field.




Moleskin: Great group first time I have Q’d in a while and I always wonder when it will be my last time but today we made it. My son who is in town on break posted at Promo for the first time I really enjoyed him being there. He did go 6:14 on what he thought was the last sprint but that just wasn’t the case. More sprints amongst shouts of Sandbagging.

Lots of speed young and old and it’s fun for me to watch them all go at it. not that there is not a middle and rear pax race going on as well. Spoons, w ST Paul & Minneapolis & Able were surprise faces and it just made things fun and different


The regulars are guys who make my week every week they never miss with workouts or chances to correct you and always reach out to you. It is a love fest.


Revolution Park help spread the WORD and the news that there is an exercise group as well.


Billingsville is every wed at 4:30 now


if you went to Peru we are have an information lunch this SundayIat Waypoint to share our experience with Families that are considering going this summer. if you think you’re kids are interested pls contact me.


Wonderful Takeout By Surfer, this young man teaches me about The Lord.


God Bless Promo.





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