SIB: Creativity is overrated

9 posted for SIB.

Heard numbers were bigger last week but Cindy scared some of them off. Fortunately we offered up a varied and exciting run this week which is sure to attract lots of FNGs. What we did:

Warm up run down Runnymede/Woodlawn – cut through PRSC back lot to Reece Rd.

Run up Reece Road to Park Road. Run back down. Repeat over and over.

Cut back over to Brandywine. Run hard up Brandywine to Selwyn.

Cool down back to AG.

You want a hard workout? Step 1: Find a hill. Step 2: Run that hill over and over. It’s like Colt 45.

Checkpoint was missing his usual Tuesday run – it has some kind of aspirational name. Welcome to hill week. Bambi looked fast but he had to be given grief about his attire – it’s not cold enough for tights right now, particularly if you are moving as fast as he is. Coach was the 6 this week – don’t give him any crap about it he still covered 7.5+ miles or whatever it was.

Time based intervals next week. All speeds welcome. Guarantee you won’t get lost/left behind.


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