The Best Asphalt in F3

At Core we don’t really work out. We spend our time coming up with accolades for inanimate objects like The Best Grass in F3-(The Sugar Creek Greenway Park at The Metropolitan) and The Best Asphalt in F3-(the new upper parking lot at Selwyn Elementary). If your favorite piece of concrete has not won an award don’t blame the concrete. It is the as-phalt (bad joke credit to Little W).

Here is what we did: after a little warm up of the standards, we headed to said award winning newly striped parking lot and partnered up for some bear crawl,  hand slap merkin combos.

Not wanting to let any grass to grow underneath us (???) we moseyed to the lower parking lot. While one partner ran the outer ring of the parking lot partner two did Ruskie Twists #politicallyrelevant

Next, on to bottom of the Selwyn entrance. After gathering the pax we did a series of backward runs to each light pole where everyone did 10 merkins. It is amazing how fast some pax can backwards run. Or, maybe I should say it is amazing how slow I can backwards run.

The main event was the ever popular series of 11’s starting at the what appears to be haunted Selwyn music building up to the Temple. Dips at the bottom and Donkey kicks at the top. #crowdpleaser Finished up with some people’s chair air press, air punch combos.

No Core workout is complete without Mike Tysons so we did a round on the curbs in the front before heading home for some Protractor, Dying Cockroach, HTH, LBC Mary to finish up a cold but dry morning.

Yesterday, I turned 63. Thanks to F3 I did not spend my birthday trying to figure out when I should start taking social security or comparing retirement home food reviews. No, thanks to F3 I planned my wife and I’s next adventure and how we can spend our last third of life living life out loud for Him. I am eternally grateful for the support and confidence that F3 has given me at a time of life that can be melancholy and lonely if you have no purpose.

Thanks, guys for the opportunity to lead this amazing  group of men.

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