Core Calculus

I would have majored in mathematics in college if they would let a math major be like a surgeon.  A surgeon can specialize– only doing Orthopedics , Vascular, Oral surgery.  I think math majors should be allowed to do the same, in which case I would have majored in addition.  I can rock the plus sign like nobody’s business.  That whole ” solve for x” nonsense was always…..well…. nonsensical.  But addition? forget about it.  I’m a PHD candidate for sure.

There was math today for the simpletons that posted at core.  However, before there was math there was the standard.  Because, as all mathmeticians know, you gotta have a constant.

COP: The standard, as indicated above.

Main event:  The 5er.

First, we did 5 hammer curls, 5 inboards, 5 outboards, 5 reverse lawnmowers, then 5 sprints.  All in cadence.

Second, we did 5 diamonds, 5 skull crushers, 5 dips, 5 tricep extensions, and 5 sprints.

Last, we did 5 pull-ups, 5 renegade rows, 5 lawn mowers, 5 2 handed overhead press, but no time for sprints.


NMM: That’s a lot of 5’s.  But it worked, even though Grapevine said that when we did right and then left, each one should have been counted as a rep.  He’s wrong, and I can prove it as soon as I find my Steven Hawking book (RIP).

Thanks for being there today.  I would have written more but Skoal bandit just called and offered to buy me lunch. We’re going to Showmars!!

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