Everyone Has A Plan……….

17 men descended in the SES gloom for another edition of Casbah:

Short mosey to playground, Merkins x20 IC

Continue to paver pile, grab a paver, mosey to bus lot, drop the pavers (foreshadowing), Merkins x20 IC

Thanks to Love Bug (reputedly) for discovering the SES pavers a few months ago

Partner up, partners race together to Red Fox, stop at each intersection for 20 Partner Derkins (7 stops = 140 total Partner Derkins)

Bene/Chalet out front (I think) to take the VT

LBCs and Flutters on the 6

So that is 15 minutes in and 150 merkins/derkins completed, now what?

Partner carry to Lemon Tree (~200 yards), wheelbarrow to Beretania (~150 yards), AYG to base of Skulk

A few refuseniks on the partner work. One of the few times I heard any chatter – something “not get hurt before Palmetto” something something “can’t let team down” something “sore down there”…….

A few LBCs on the 6

AYG back to SES driveway, line up on the curb

Mike Tysons x20 IC

AYG (~120 yards) to pavers, grab a paver, goblet paver squats x20 IC (double count), AYG back to curb

Repeat 2x with reps dropping to 15 on the MTs and paver squats

Mosey back to paver pile, drop em and continue back around SES to field, LBCs on the 6

Partner back up – partner 1 to fence for 8 fence jumps, partner 2 to playground for 8 pullups, 5 jump over burpees each every time you meet your partner. AMRAP until time called.

Quick Hits

  • Don’t know lexicon/exicon origin story, but recently discovered Mike Tyson’s father was from Grier Heights
  • Many Casbah regulars out today, including 3 of the 4 original site Qs. Oddly, Hamlet, rarely absent, was the one missing along with Chappy, no doubt it got rough last night after State lost to Seton Hall, which while technically not an upset, ouch. Don’t know anything about their program these days but I remember growing up in Syracuse, the Orangemen at one point beat the Hall 487 straight times (give or take) and thereafter it was always a kick in the nuts to lose to them. Hope that helps guys.
  • Thanks to Paula (half my age) for partnering up, pulling me up Foxcroft and not bitching about the partner carry of a guy still one good buffet effort away from Clydesdale status
  • Love Bug, the Godfather of Fence Jumps, let me know the sturdy, PVC-capped SES fences are “too safe” – he prefers the wobbly, jagged, risk your sac version such as those at CMS – and opted out
  • Take note, Kirk is an EHing machine these days

One announcement: Cooter takes the reins at Governator Wed 3/21 – it will be both a VQ and a Respect Q, yes a 50 year old virgin!

I took us out

Thanks to Bene for the keys, honored as always to lead at Casbah



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