“O Capitan! My Capitan!”

The title might offend Walt Whitman a bit, but something tells me Abe Lincoln would appreciate the cleverness.  Maybe even the late Robin Williams would approve, but I digress.

22 March Madmen decided to start their Friday off the right way today, and enjoy a scenic tour of the Sedgefield neighborhood.  Here’s what we did.


  • Quick mosey down the hill and hang a right.  Stop at The Bike Gallery lot for COP.
  • SSH x 15, Merkins x 16, MC x 15
  • Mosey down to Park Road, cross over to head up Salem Drive, and stop just past the intersection of Salem and Idlewood Circle.  These two roads form a pretty nice loop, along with some solid down and uphill slopes.
  • Find a friend and perform 3 rounds of the following.  Run in opposite directions around the loop.  Meet at the cul de sac at the bottom for 10 dumbocrats each.  Complete the loop meeting back at the top for 20 partner sit ups each.
  • Mary waiting for the 6.
  • Mosey back down Salem Drive, back up Park Road.  Left on McDonald and stop at the entrance to the Dilworth Edge Condos for 7s.
  • Run up the hill, stopping at the second speed bump.
  • Sumo Jump Squats at the top, and hand release merkins at the bottom.
  • Mary waiting for the 6.
  • Mosey up McDonald, past the school entrance hill, and hang a left down the path to Tramp Stamp Park for 2 rounds of the the following circuit.
  • 10 pull ups, 10 shoulder tap merkins.  Run up Elmhurst to Poindextor for 10 burpees and back to the bottom.
  • Mary waiting for the 6, including some Jane Fondas (crowd pleaser)
  • Back to the main school lot by any route you choose for COT.

Random Observations:

At 5:27, we might have had 12 PAX in the lot ready to go.  Over the next 3 minutes, a mad scramble of clown cars entered the lot, and the PAX pretty much doubled.  Had to be the weather bringing out the crowd, not the Q.  It seems that recently, conducting a boot camp style workout at 5:30 a.m. on various Dilworth/Sedgefield streets has created a ruckus among a few neighborhood mothers.  This topic was discussed as we moseyed down Park Road on our way to Salem Drive.  Redd Foxx was convinced that most of the mothers in the neighborhood would probably be really hungover this morning from drinking and watching NCAA basketball yesterday.  Nabisco said it was either from watching basketball or playing Bunco and some other game YHC had never heard of before.  Either way, we may need to prepare to hear from the hungover females that reside on Idlewood and Salem.  YHC attempted to whisper the partner instructions out of courtesy, but could not control the heavy breathing, knuckle dragging, and grunting that took place afterward.  Only noticed one vehicle that had to swerve between YHC and Redd Foxx, so we might have gotten away unscathed this morning.  The Idlewood/Salem loop was a new addition, and based on observations, it should be a keeper.  Solid hills (oof!)  Had originally thought we would run all the way to the dumpsters during the Dilworth Edge 7s, but called an audible on that pretty quick, and opted to stop at the 2nd speed bump.  We might still be out there otherwise.  Snots and Redd Foxx are just fast.  YHC was smoked just trying to stay on their heels this morning.  They flat out crushed the 7s.  Not sure who shat themselves during Mary after the 7s, but YHC was bleary-eyed and disoriented by the time we started to mosey toward the park.  That should have been claimed by someone.  Some of the PAX may have actually tasted it.  Doobie appeared to be concerned after we finished the 7s, as he thought we were going to have a sans pull ups Sparta.  He was not to be disappointed.

YHC has been doing this F3 thing right at 2.5 years, having heard about this Sasquatch-type legend several times, Coach K, but never witnessing him in person.  It has been said that this Coach K can sometimes be spotted running freely up and down the Lurker and Mega Tool by himself for hours on end.  This morning he was right there in front of us, in all his glory, primed for March Madness!  Also great to have Wake Up Call out again this morning.  After his Shark Tank showing yesterday, he chose wisely, and started his day at Sparta to prepare for his long day of interviewing.  He is not interviewing, but conducting interviews all day today. If you see him later, buy him a cold one or 12.

Chair Thrower brought out his buddy, Garrett Gossett, for his first post.  Apparently, the guy does some rock climbing.  Micro Slice is obviously more learned than the rest of the PAX when it comes to rock climbing lore.  El Capitan is indeed a famous rock climbing face in Yosemite, so Garrett will now be known as El Capitan.  If said properly, this could be right there with “THEY CALL ME LOUD MOUTH!”

Someone announced that The Phoenix is going to be awesome on Monday.  That should be posted on Twitter to drive attendance.  Don’t forget to support the new 7:00 Saturday workout at Revolution Park.  GAAP has the Q tomorrow.

Thanks again to Double Nickels for the awesome take out that only Double Nickels can do.

Doobie and Slice; thanks for the keys.

Always an honor.


One thought on ““O Capitan! My Capitan!”

  • March 16, 2018 at 10:31 pm

    My smart watch told me I almost had a heart attack this morning, too much red lining….back to MAFing tmro. Great lead Curly- you found a devious new loop that will sure be abused in the coming weeks.

    Goodnight God, we love you.

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