Unicorns and Mermaids

Today in Metro there was a Unicorn riding a Mermaid. Seriously, I could not believe it myself. Spaghetti 6 launch from the Mint and there is a Cherokee Backblast. The Unicorn was Green to match the Mermaids Fin.


Spaghetti 6 launched at 6am from the Mint with Sump and Me moving at a fellowship pace. Sump was kind enough to pull me along through a couple decks and the Mutha. YHC has been DR 4 weekends in a row and happy to start S6 back up. We were happy to see the Midwood Crew at the Mutha with their version of S6. I guess if you are not consistent you get replaced.

For Cherokee, the two of us connected with 5 others to put in some work. YHC kept it simple with a Tabata broken up by some running. Boomer clocked us at 2 miles, Eyechart clocked us at 1 mile. YHC will call it 2.

For the Tabata we did 20 seconds work with 10 seconds rest and a 60 transition to run. Each Tabata last 8 rounds. YHC tried to balance it with Upper Body, Legs, Core…

T1: Merkins T2: Burpees T3: Mega Burpees T3: Tall Wall Step Ups T4: Sumo Squats (rest Peoples Chair), T5: Jumping Lunges T6: WW2 Sit-ups T7: Dieing Cockroach T8: Polish Twist T9: Tarheels to Heaven T10: Dips T11: Peter Parker Peters

Finished with Old School Superman #BelieveItOrNot!

Transitioned to multiple spots in the AO between Tabatas.


It was good to be back in town. YHC hit 4 F3 Metro workouts this week and is trying to get out of a valley. The 2nd F is more valuable than the 1st. The 3rd helps to put it all into focus.

Tabatas are a great UvU workout and allow for plenty of 2nd F

Lots of humor today to go with some adjustments. 1st of all, I set the Tabata wrong expecting 2 minutes between Tabatas. Had to adjust when user error made a mistake and my Ring Run Tabata turned into stations.

Boomers wife went to Burlington for the weekend, YHC asked if it was Vermont, then Eye Chart asked if I said is she Hot. #weareallgettingolder.

My music was a nice distraction from the Tabata. But Top 40 2018 is not familiar to the Cherokee Q…I said it would get the PAX ready for a late night at the Epicenter, to which we all agreed with the only way we will be there is to get our children in a few years. Tantrum said he can see a future of grabbing Little Fit from the clubs to being home. YHC said hopefully not with my favorite daughter.

The Big Wall Step Ups Got difficult, The first 3 Tabatas Sucked , Focusing on each body part in sections make it burn.

The group decided to ride bikes tomorrow minus YHC, Sump, and Buzzcock.

Apologies to Revolution, the rumors of a convergence were exaggerated. I got back from S6 expecting to hightail it but there were PAX in our lot, so we stayed.


Reach out to a Kotter and try to bring them back. A little nudge may help to get them back. F3 Metro is like the Catholic Church, there are as many Kotters as there are practicing members.

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