Today at Confession

Thirteen of the Core faithful showed up this morning for Confession.  There was more than the usual grumpiness, perhaps exacerbated by the Q.  Here is what went down.

Circled up.  We did all of 5 minutes of stretching.  So what is so painful about that?  Still, some gripes and complaints were heard from various of the Pax.  Of course, it was followed by ten burpees, which aint so bad.  But this too was disliked mightily by this Sunday morning crowd.

We then departed on a run.  Now, I was sure this was a 3.5 mile run.  But somehow it became 3.9 (or so it was quoted to YHC).  Griping and complaining about that, too!  What gives? Core going soft on me?  To give credit where it is due, we had our usual speedsters, Brownie, Eminem and Turntable, among others, who silently accepted the toil, and muttered not a word.  But various others weren’t so tolerant (grapevine).  So be it.  Maybe we should do another lap or two?

All that said, it was as usual great to be with our mates this morning.  It was a beautiful day and we had all of Gods creation around us.  We finished with a handful of announcements and YHC gave a short prayer.

It is always a treat for me to lead this fine bunch (bitchin’ notwithstanding), and I much enjoy our comradeship and mutual support.

Your Humble Correspondent, Valdez

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