Tourney Tour

11 followed YHC for a quick stadium tour trip.  The kid gloves were off, the heavy metal up, and YHC couldn’t tell what was louder, the lyrics or the moans.

Here’s what went down:
Warm up in front of Charlotte Rescue Mission:
Plank, into merkins, hold plank, right arm out/left leg out, flap jack, 6 inches, march, break.
Copperhead squats, Imperial Walkers, Peter Parkers…mosey.

Stop at Draught, but there was work to be done.  Introduce 1st game: Every rental dockless bike = 5 hand released & 5 Freddie Mercuries.  3 bikes in this parking lot = 15.  Then Parker Peters, Peter Parkers, more planking, and some more merkins.

Mosey to the rails by BOA stadium.  Railwalk down, Flapjack sides, LBC’s and then BIKE!
Mosey to circle next to Ally parking deck/across from Reebok Crossfit.  Dips and step ups.  De-escalating from 10 on dips, steady 10 on step ups.  Quick break at 5 for some merkins and YHC can’t remember.
Mosey to Graham street entrance of deck, BIKE! X 2.  AYG stairs to the top.  Tijuana squats, protractors, dolly, Rosalita’s.
Mosey down to the BOA stairs side of deck.  Descending AYG.  (1st time to the top, 2nd to penultimate level, 3rd time to 3rd level, last time to the second level).  Backwards run level 1-2 using the ramps… then LBC’s, Oblique Crunches.
Mosey to Keep Pounding Wall- People’s Chair, Can-Can, L-plank.
Mosey back, go by Panther’s Practice field… BIKE!
Mosey to CRM end with 7 BIKES!  Complete what can while the 6 came in…1 minute of overtime.

Stout group this morning.  All vets this AM, so no FNG’s.  Carrier made the trip up from Revolution, and Valdeez had to LIFO but glad he watched the 6 until doing so.  Zookeeper gutted it out, even with a Sciatic nerve acting up.  SInce Lost Boy was in attendance YHC made sure to throw a Second Star to the Right and Straight on to morning reference once asked how long we would run for.
Don’t forget to sign up to Q, and thanks to the Foundation for the hoodies and gloves.
Until next time


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