FNG STORMy Daniels


It rained hard last night… thunder and lightning for much of the night…. and YHC was kept awake wondering if anyone would show up to Fortitude this morning. One thing was for sure, given the weather, any new FNG was going to be named STORMy Daniels, and given the pair of leopard printed house-slippers someone had donated… but no new FNGs this time… bummer.


0545 0548… Gather up the crew, do a quick warmup at the Men’s Shelter (SSH, IW, low slow squats) and mosey to the parking lot at the base of Ashby.  Punch out some merkins and mary using the Green Elastic Therabands to add some resistance, and then some fun with a few coupons.  Grab a partner, hit the following stations: (1) thick battle rope for some partner resistance pulls (2) slack line between two trees to use as a Tyrolean Traverse (3) run the Ashby hill with partner (4) burpees.  Finish up with a brutal merkin set with the green bands, and some more mary with them as well. Kaput! YHC with the takeout.


Great group this morning as usual…. although they had me nervous that it was going to be Jedi giving Strawberry and YHC a beatdown at our 0530 arrival.  It was fun to have a few coupons out there this morning and work some grip strength.  Change it up a little bit.

Awkward moment of the morning was when Pipeline and Country were paired up different ends of the battle rope.  Pipeline was supposed to slow-release the rope while Country pulled it in, but Pipeline would not let go as he slid towards Country in the parking lot…. another pull, and it would have looked like the spaghetti sharing scene in the movie Lady and the Tramp. You decide who was who… ok, maybe you had to be there.

Thanks to all the men who donated their shoes and clothes to the CLT Men’s Shelter today. About 40 pairs of shoes were donated by SOB, A51 at BROlympics 2.0, and by MECA men, mostly Hootie who is a diva and donates his new shoes once they have a scuff on them.  It was much appreciated / needed.

Also thanks to the PAX who showed up and escaped the fartsack to come hang out in what could have been ominous weather. But as Country said… “it never rains on Fortitude”.  #TCLAPS to Rev Flo Rida who YHC noticed was really reaching out to Returning Champ Two-Fly.

Finally, Thank you Pipeline and Slaughter for your tireless efforts to reach out to our brothers at the Men’s Shelter week in and week out, leading by example, inspiring us to follow suit, providing hope, and allowing us to lead.


  • The Charlotte Men’s Shelter will be undergoing renovations shortly, and Fortitude will be moving locations for a while. Be on the lookout for news on this from Pipeline and Slaughter… but next week the workout will be at the same location
  • #TAP for CLT Men’s Shelter Champs Pharaoh and Shane-nae who were feeling under the weather.
  • Charlotte Men’s Shelter Annual Fundraising Breakfast is on Thursday 3/12/2018, F3 Nation will have a few tables. Talk to Pipeline or Slaughter if interested.

“If you cannot feed 100 people, then feed just one” – Mother Theresa

Have a great week men.


JRR Tolkien

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  • March 20, 2018 at 1:33 pm

    I’m definitely the Tramp…wait no, the Lady…ah, never mind. Thanks Tolkein for the Q and the shoes; pic of the Bounty to hit twitter shortly.

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