Top of the Mornin!

Rounds of Merkins and burpees on me in honor of St. Patrick!

After some Bailey’s and coffee for a morning jolt (hold the Bailey’s), nine of us guys gathered at Midwood Park for my first-ever Q. We got straight to business after a short mosey to the basketball court and a set of 15 in-cadence side straddle hops.

On the basketball court, we partnered up: one partner ran a 30-second lap, while the other partner exercised at a station. Then the partners switched (the other partner ran, and the other exercised at the same station). We moved through 10 stations:

Mountain Climbers
Side Plank (Left)
Side Plank (Right)
Makhtar N’Diaye’s
High Knees–Running in Place

After a 15-second recovery, we moseyed to the north entrance of the park at Mecklenburg Ave. In cadence, we did a waterfall-style set of exercises:

15 x step-ups
20 x tricep dips
15 x step-ups (other leg leads)
15 x tricep dips
10 x step-ups
10 x tricep dips
10 x step-ups (other leg leads)
7 x tricep dips
5 x jump-ups
5 x tricep dips

We then ran to the tennis court for three more rotating stations with partners (each partner doing all 6 exercises):

Station 1
Partner one: Crab-walk
Partner two: Merkins with rotation to side plank

Station 2
Partner one: Side-to-side shuffle; back pedal; side-to-side shuffle
Partner two: Wall sit

Station 3
Partner one: Bear-walk
Partner two: Bicycle LBCs

For a near-final push, we moseyed back to the basketball court for another set of partner exercises, each broken up by a 15-second run:

8 hand-clap Merkins
10 WWIIs
10 WWIIs
8 hand-clap Merkins

We closed out with:

Suicide sprints
15 x Rosalitas
10 x Dollys

Shout-outs to the new guys, Fanny Pack and Ochocinco. Ochocinco is gearing up early for high school football season in the fall. He’ll be way ahead of his teammates at this rate!


6@6 Midwood

Qic: Missing De
The Pax: Blue Jay, Penny, Coach, Primanti
5 men showed up on a Cool Morning for 6@6 Midwood / MuthaShip.

Great Run this morning we got in 6.5 miles and must admit I was having a tough time keeping up with the Pax’s. I don’t think Blue Jay, Permanny and even Coach broke a sweat, well ok maybe when they ran up the MuthaShip. Speaking of MuthaShip great to see Cannoli and some of the Spaghetti 6 crew out there today.
We will try to have a different running route every Saturday. We meet at Midwood park at 6 and if you would like to Double Down F3 Midwood starts at 7. If you would like to lead 6@6 let Mr. Bo or I know, a matter of fact we need a Q for next Saturday. Myself and Mr. Bo are running the Elizabeth 8k, so we need the next man up. Enjoyed it until next time

Missing De

3 thoughts on “Top of the Mornin!

  • March 21, 2018 at 1:42 pm

    Solid VQ Megabus! Glad to have you as a neighbor and part of the Midwood and Fortitude Pax!

  • March 21, 2018 at 2:53 pm

    Honored that you chose to lose your Q V at Midwood! And in spectacular fashion, thanks for the burn!

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