Happy Baby


½ mile mosey. Disc stuff; slerkins and dips. Ground work; core.


Mosey over to Linda and set up in the DIP. Forward up Linda, backwards toward Water Oak, every time you come through the dip stop for 10 plank jacks and 10 merkins. We did this 3 or 4 times.

Mosey to Cotswold Elementary Playground

10 pull ups, 10 dumbocrats (flapjack), 8 pull ups, 8 dumbocrats, 6, 4, 2…

Mosey over to Linda, repeat the aforementioned, out and back,

Mosey back to Randolph Middle,

Disc and ground work; one leg squats, sumo slow count with exploding jump, slerkins, diamonds, oblique crunches, partner leg throws, stuff like that…

Finish with Happy Baby.

I successfully Q’d a genuine boot-camp. Yay!

Nekkid Chatter:

Was it something Kickin’ said? Loved the tight crew today. Maybe we have more Metro participants in the P70/200 race festivities this weekend than I am aware. But cool. Happy so many guys are doing it!

If the impending weather held you off this morning there’s a way around that — make your decision the night before.

I have a boss in F3. The boss emailed me yesterday:

“I need you, kiddo.”

He calls me kiddo.

“Will do, yessir. I’ll be there.”

Slaughter’s in Florida. On the Mexican side. He’s not Mexican. He could pass for Mexican from 30 yards out and speaks fluent Spanglish. He’s not my boss. KC’s the boss. Slaughter just acts like it from time to time. Which is fine. He’s a good play-pretend boss.

Thought I’d see Sump this morning. KC puts the lead out on Twitter and I get a text shortly thereafter.

“You Qing Promo? Will it be fun?”

I assume hanging out with me for 45min – 1hr is fun.

“Yes I am. Yes it will.”

“Hot dog!”

That’s his actual response. “Hot dog!” It made me smile. I want to bring this one back full-time. It’s right up there with the Little Rascals “And how!”

You miss me?

And how!

You good, Sump?

Spooky bought a new house. Can’t tell you where it is, I don’t want you leaving poop on his doorstep. Not sure why you’d do that, but people do stuff like that and try and pass it off as pranking.

Oh, he’s such a prankster!

No, he made a shit in a bag and put it on my front porch and set it on fire. Prankster, my ass, that dude’s a dick, with escalating pyro tendencies. That’s how it starts. First, a bag of doodoo. Then, your tire swing! Silly pranksters!

Pitino likes to play pick-up basketball. I never would have guessed that. But he does. He told me that.

Horn deserves to have a challenging event on his calendar. Dude’s getting after it right now, but has nothing on the calendar. That’s no way to live, fellas! Working out sucks. Training for stuff is a heck of a lot more enjoyable. Get in there and get you some!

I once saw Drone at the Salsarita’s in Cotswold. He was in line behind me. I asked him what he was getting and he said, “Burrito.”

That’s his actual response. “Burrito.” It made me smile. That’s right up there with “Taco.”

Great morning! Enjoyed it!


Billingsville EASTER EGG HUNT (and shenanigans) NEXT Wednesday @ 4:30p.

Billingsville Elementary School
124 Skyland Avenue, 28205

They’ll be there today as well, but I know next week is super important! You can reach out to KC via email at rbowers@arcadiahomesinc.com OR on Twitter: @robby_bowers

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