The 50 Year Old Virgin

13 real men chose to forgo the extra time they could have spent in their fart sacks and entered into the cold, wet, rainy gloom at Governator in order to show their support for the VQ that turns 50 today. This VQ tried his best not to disappoint and make it worthwhile for all that attended by delivering a serious beatdown.

Started in Carmel Park Parking lot did SSH x 20 in cadence. Mosied up Camilla Dr stopping at first speed bump doing IW x 20 in cadence. Proceeded to the front parking lot of Carmel Middle and surprised PAX with something new to them, Hillbillies x 20 in cadence.

Started 5 cycles of Jacob’s Ladder with 4 exercises at top of the parking lot starting with 10 each decreasing by 2 every round and at bottom 4 exercises starting with 2 increasing by 2 every round.

-Combine step ups with lss (not the ones like squeezing out a fart but the get down low to the ground for a huge dump.)




Run backwards 1/2 way down parking lot then lunges to the bottom.



-Heels to Heaven

-American Hammer (Polish Twist)

Bear Crawl 1/2 way up parking lot then side to sides every other parking space across from each other.

VQ got behind. Thanks Kirk and Aqua for the Marys while I caught up.

Run back up Camilla Dr to Church of Charlotte for Peoples Chairs doing air presses while individual PAX did 10 donkey kicks. Time left for 20 dips.

Thanks Aqua Fresh for giving me the opportunity to Q today. It was a great birthday present! I was both honored and humbled to be VQ to such a great group of men.

Kirk announced that Silent Bob broke his arm yesterday, praying for you brother. SB unable to run in the Smokey Mountain Relay on April 1st, so now down 1 more slot for that team if anyone wants to run. AF reminder with weather remember the kotter down the street in addition to any new neighbors that may have moved in recently, invite them to post to workout. Props to Kirk for getting guys out to workouts. Fortitude will be relocating to JT Meyers Elementary due to Men’s Shelter rehabbing starting April 3rd and they are in need of Q’s.

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  • March 22, 2018 at 9:02 am

    Strong bootcamp lead Cooter, great way to mark the respect milestone. Hope to see many more.

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