Showing My Age

Your humble correspondent will TRY NOT TO TAKE PERSONALLY the modest number of pax at our workout this morning.  Still, we had the CREAM of the Core bunch present: true athletic standouts and optimal expressions of manhood and fitness!  By any measure, we had a quorum.

Here is what went down:


  • Stretch (arms, shoulders, hamstrings, ITB) + 15x SSH
  • 10x Merkins: reg
  • /diamond/wide/Xfit            15x Russian Twists

RUN 1.5 laps slow around lake

ABS WORK(2 loops)

  • 15x Knee ups
  • 15x Low slow flutter
  • 15x Plank Hip slaps
  • 20x Dollies
  • 10x Turkish Getups
  • 20x Rosalitas
  • 20x Russian Twists

BENCHES (2 loops)

  • 20x dips
  • 20x one leg step-ups
  • 15x inclined merkins

PARKING LOT KB BIT (2 loops of Snatch, Tricep ext, Upright Rows, Greg Louganis  Lawn Mowers, Hammer curls, Double Protractor)

A good time was had by all.  YHC expressed some weariness due to old age and last nights red wine.  I was showing my age.  But no mercy was shown by the gentlemen present.  So be it.

Meatball took us out with his usual good will and high thoughts.

As always, I love being with you fellows and sharing this time together.

Your Humble Correspondent, Valdez


PS– Feeling your age too?  Take a look at this guy…

… who just kayaked across the Atlantic for the THIRD time, at AGE SEVENTY!

One thought on “Showing My Age

  • March 27, 2018 at 10:12 pm

    You will be going strong when you hit 70, Valdez! No doubt!

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