Running Feels Good Sometimes

14 joined me for another morning in the gloom, and the chill, which is getting real old, real quick.  Need warmer weather soon. As Mariah and I discussed, so much laundry…


Run around the school for COP in the back lot

Head to the track NOT going over the wall

Warm up lap with high knees, butt-kicks, leg kicks (with some rhythm Doobie!), side steps, karaoke

Intervals – 1 minute hard, 2 minutes less hard x 5

100 meter sprint, recover on the turn x 4

To the pagoda (that’s Japanese for picnic tables) and playground for 3 rounds of:

  • Derkins IC x15
  • Dips IC x 15
  • Pull-ups x 10
  • 50 LBCs OYO

Back through the track down the ankle breaker hill to SMS entrance.

AYG to school, 20 merkins, back to bottom

AYG to lot



Redddd Foxxxx’s wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Sunday/Monday: Sophie Frances Sanford.  Mom and Baby are doing great and RF’s burpee bonanza is ruined (that’s a good thing).

Uncle Rico would have won States in ’82 if coach would have just put him in…

But he made up for it with an excellent takeout.  Thanks brother.

Disrobed Discussion

The SPARTA crew is a regular crew.  Same faces week after week, with a few randos sprinkled in now and then.  I like this.  You get to know the PAX.  And from this I knew that the track work would be a real crowd pleaser.  And by crowd pleaser, I mean I was worried about a mutiny situation.  “Whaddya think this is SIB?”, “Take this crap back to Sunday Se7en”, “Eat sh*t and die”.  But I stand firmly by the decision.  Sometimes it feels good to run, and run hard.  You can get your heart rate up doing exercises but there’s something about pushing through the last 20 seconds of an interval or going balls out on a sprint that can’t be matched.

Stormy (Daniels) was no-show again this week.  He FNG’ed, showed 3 weeks in a row, and then poof! gone.  Was it something we said?  Whose man is this? Get him back out!

A guy shows up on a bike in full ski mask gear and we can’t figure out who it is.  He proceeds to strip off a couple of layers and then he starts changing shoes.  I’m staring at my watch as it turns over to 5:30:00… 5:30:15… 5:30:25, and homeboy is still messing with his particulars with very little sense of urgency.  Off we went.  CT was coming from around the back of the school as he always does and joined us on the way out.  When we got to COP we started talking about mystery man and CT says, “Way to go Slice, that’s our FNG from last week, El Capitan!  You dropped him already?!?” The rulez are the rulez CT.  Thankfully El Capitan didn’t take the left on Sedgefield and CT was able to reel him in.  Welcome back brother.

Speaking of Chairthrower, he was the only one to do the Slice double dip with Sharktank and SPARTA. Two meatballs for you. Pick-up is Sunday.

Screech and I got to chatting during the interval work.  He completed his first marathon at Myrtle Beach a few weeks ago.  He was aiming to get under four hours.  He finished in 3:24.  Good job, you squeaked in under the wire.

Always a pleasure to lead this group.  Enjoy 45 degrees and rainy this weekend!

Thin Slice

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    Seems like you posted your comment under the wrong backblast…

  • March 23, 2018 at 4:29 pm

    That’s America’s Cholo, man! Dude got a shiv in his sock, some gold teeth in his pocket and some fine ass hooch in the toilet at the crib #JustLikeOldTimes

    Just let him do.

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