So a bunch of guys went running…

It was cold and rainy.  I had 4 hours of sleep.  I stepped in a pothole early.  And yet, we all ran and had a pretty darn good time.

Except  in the cold and wet I neglected to get my phone and record who posted.

Except that Keefer took his own route and we had to send out scouts to find him.

Except that DRM decided to do negative splits, caught me, and I tried to keep up with him which was really hard.

Except that leLane  breathes like one of those dragons out of Game of Thrones and scared me sh*tless when running the dark part of the greenway.

Except Vw didn’t post and I prefer to run with him.

Except that I went out too fast in the EC and had nothing left at the end.

Except that I had nothing planned at the end, and we all just sat around cuz i thought it was 615.

Except that I need to shave about 6 minutes off of my 10k time to achieve my goal for the bridge run.

Except for that, it was pretty good.

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