There’s A First Time For Everything

Never before have I had the opportunity to lead the fine men of the Sharktank.  But after a friendly invite from Curly (who is battling a stomach bug and couldn’t post), and the ringing endorsement on the twitter machine from Slaughter (and I quote: “@daniel_quaranta at Sharktank tomorrow.  People seem to like him.  Also, please show up. 5:15/5:30 @F3Metro”. Wow, talk about a hype man.  That’s strong marketing right there Slaughts!) it was time to lead the synchronized swim at Thursday’s meanest meeting in the gloom.



Me, Fish, and Thrust

Mosey to the Target Deck


Zipper up, staying together, stopping for various exercises on each floor

ChairThrower guesses correctly! It’s like he has ESPN or something.  Welcome brother! Now do some merkins.

Zipper back down with exercises

Back to Base to pick-up the crew


Up Kings, left on 3rd, stop at the State Employees Credit Union for COP (Watch the Sweet 6 crew go by, more on that later)

Straight to the Muthaship PASSING the Sweet 6 crew on the way up the 3rd street hill

To the top, exchanging pleasantries with SFox and Hillary on the way up the spiral


  • Down the steps to 10, back up the spiral to the top for 15 merkins
  • Down the steps to 8, back up the spiral to the top for 15 merkins
  • Down the steps to 6, back up the spiral to the top for 15 merkins
  • Down the steps to 4, back up the spiral to the top for 15 merkins

Mary whilst we wait.  MMOB emerges up the spiral, but no ICE.  What happened? Ice was making his normal animal noises, but I thought nothing of it.  Turns out the cracked ribs from a few weeks ago and the puking twice (floors 8 and 6 if the memory of the brown puddle serves me) were too much to overcome.  Lost to the gloom, not to bee seen again.  Ice, shout out below.  Are you okay?!?!

  • Down the spiral to 10, back up the steps to the top for 10 sumo jump squats
  • Down the spiral to 8, back up the steps to the top for 10 sumo jump squats
  • Down the spiral to 6, back up the steps to the top for 10 sumo jump squats
  • Down the spiral to 4, back up the steps to the top for 10 sumo jump squats

Back to home base with uno stop for exercises at Maddio’s pizza



MMOB knows about a function at a place where a guy will discuss why God does or doesn’t care about who wins.  He may have more details, but I think it was scheduled for this morning.

I have the lead at SPARTA tomorrow for those that didn’t get their fill today.  6 hard no’s and one soft commit.

MMOB with an excellent takeout about being thankful and grateful for our time together in the mornings as part of F3.  No doubt.


Out of a deep fear of being late and letting down Curly and Slaughter, I was 15 minutes early so I jammed out in the lot to NPR as is my customary move.  Best part about arriving early is that you get to watch Fish roll in on foot and begin fidgeting around with his watch, water bottle, fanny pack, and every article of clothing on his body.  What’s he doing out there? Ma! The Meatloaf!  I thought it was gonna be just he and I for the extra credit portion of the program, in which case we would have held hands up the Morehead hill and talked about mid-nineties music and movies.  Thankfully Thrust pulled in at 5:14:59 to break up the lovefest.

Jokes on you Bel Air because we did converge with part of your crew at the Mutha.  Swamp and Hillary were thrilled to be a part of the festivities.  Just ask ’em.

But more importantly, you forgot to update your F3 org chart for 2018.  Kim Jong Shank no longer has Metro’s Finest over a barrel.  He doesn’t even post his backblasts for workouts he Q’s (ahem… Ranger pylon racing).  Lee™ calls the shots around here now.  I have no concerns over my numbers, or my workouts, because I know how the game is played.  Ya gotta keep the 1st F Leadership happy.  Do Doobie and I really want Lee™ to Q SPARTA?  Of course not, never.  The PAX get all bent out of shape, and frankly, I find his Q’s to be borderline abusive.  But he seems to enjoy doling out the beatings, so we allow it on a quarterly basis.  That’s how you grease palms around here.  So you keep worrying about Shank breaking up your Sweet 6 party, and BAM! there goes Lee sneaking up behind your tempo run with a machete in tow.

And most importantly, as noted above, not only did ICE puke, but he may still be out there huddled in a stairwell uptown.

What a pleasure it was to lead the Tank.  Thanks Curly and Slaughter.  Now I’m going back to Sweet 6 to run in a big circle.


Thin Slice

2 thoughts on “There’s A First Time For Everything

  • March 23, 2018 at 12:17 pm

    Looks like I picked a bad time to contract the stomach virus that family has shared all week!! Not that I picked it at all. Wouldn’t wish that misery on anyone.

  • March 23, 2018 at 4:42 pm

    20 at Combine! Day-um! May have something to do with this TML guy. Where’d he come from?

    And this Slice kid, he has potential. #Lovefest2018

    Did Tormund take Friday off? Weak.

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