Patrick Henry Day

March 23, 1775 is the date attributed to the famous quip, “Give me liberty or give me death!” And it isn’t a holiday? Punxsutawney Phil may have been right this year, but we acknowledge him even when he’s wrong. Time for Patrick Henry to get his due. I’ll take the liberty of leaving it there.

CoP: SSH, Imperial Walker, Copperhead Squat; continued at Trinity Pres smooth lot with Copperhead Merkin, Parker Peter, Copperhead Merkin, LBC

Mosey to Providence Prep
Shuffle, broad jumps, carioca along the islands
Bear crawl to center of lot
15x SSH
Crab walk to end of lot
Partner up, 80x Turkish Get-ups with partner shuttle runs between parking lot islands

Mosey to the Hot Box for some fun with the buckets of pain

Indian run back to AO for plank with hip touches and shoulder touches to get to the full 45.

Total 2.1 mi, so I think Chocolate Box was probably happy with me for keeping it short.

Revolution @ the park continues to heat up, looking for continued support of the PAX.

Thanks to Grapevine for taking us out.

Was able to grow the Pax by 15% by staying at the AO for just a couple of minutes. Know your audience.

Lots of chatter all over the map. Half got by me because counting and exercising at the same time really aren’t my strong suit.

Busy day at the Hot Box, with a visit from a street cleaner and leaf blower. It was like Beijing in there once they got on task, so we had to clear out. Thanks to the folks who carried back the buckets and saved me the return trip.

Sump’s safety light nearly caused an accident when it fell off during the indian run. It may have been working before, but now he’ll probably need one on his Christmas list. I thought those things were supposed to keep us all safe. Rumor has it GAAP has upgraded to a dash cam for his runs, so he may have a spare light.

Egypt loved the Moroccan Nightclub the second it came out of the bucket. Coincidence? Think he may use that one in every workout from now on.

Two questions if anyone knows:
Did Noonan invent the copperhead squat?
What’s the longest time between a EH/post and a VQ?

Noonan and Backup, it was a pleasure to VQ at the spot where it all started for me. Thanks for the keys.

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  • March 25, 2018 at 1:17 pm

    Well done Snowden! Probably the most organized & efficient VQ. Looking forward to you taking the reigns again!

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