Reverse Elevated Plank-o-rama with upside down Peter Parkers

Ages 28 – 76, just one of the unique things about Core workouts that make them special.  Design a tough workout and those that need to modify and scale it down a bit can do so.  But that’s ok … you Hates and Hate Hates, keep at it.  You’ll be able to keep up with Money and Robinhood and My Sharona, DoReMi, Hallpass and all the other old timers one of these days.

(Which reminds me, one of the other unique things about Core workouts is how they can hone a Respect’s mumblechatter quite well over time.)

So, while a few Respects (DRM, Van Winkle, Hallpass, and Carrier) we’re getting in some extra credit miles before the workout a couple of other double and triple respects, Robinhood and Money, had already arrived when YHC rolls in to the parking lot.  As we head out, 18 Attila aggressors had assembled to take on a treacherous stretch of terrain sometimes referred to as … the Greenway.

Mosey to the Met circle for warmup: SSH, IW, and MC.

Run to Dressler walls for 3 rounds of:  SSH x 25, decline plank-o-rama, knee high step ups (10 each leg), and reverse elevated plank with upside down Peter Parkers (Rev, we desperately need a name for this exercise).

Mosey to Charlottetowne underpass, bear crawl to other side.  Mosey to Greenway walls for pit stop of PC with a set of LaLanne’s.  Then on to Thompson Park.

11’s at the park: Derkins at the bottom, sumo squats at the top of the stairs.  Run back down via side ramp instead of taking steps.

Of course, Steroid, 88, Sparty, Brownie, Rope-a-dope, Valdez and Foo blast through this like it’s play time so Steroid leads Mary till all finish.

Reverse course and repeat PC routine and bear crawl under Charlottetowne on our way back to Dressler walls.  Time for one more round of SSH, decline plank-o-rama, step ups, reverse elevated pla …. (see above).

Run back to start.

Rev Flo with the takeout.

Great to have Wuerffel back to Attila after too long of an absence.  Another terrific morning with the 28-76 crowd at Attila.

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