The Episode Where Marv Lost His Shh*t.

Let’s be honest here…. Marv is the most level headed guy in F3.  Passionate for sure, but he never gets angry and loses it.

At least, not at the workout.


YHC arrived at the corner of Moorhead and Cedar with 5 minutes to go about 300 yards. Except there was a walk for something going on, and you could not turn right.  I am the Q, and getting a little antsy about being late, when i notice the only other Vdub in the Metro is in front of me.  With Marv at the wheel.  And marv is either losing his sh*t with the super slo mo chubbsy ubsies that won’t let him turn right or his is having a Pentacostal moment and is actually having a demon removed from his body right there on Moorhead.  Whatever it was, Operation Something Or Other finally got out of our way, and we were able to arrive at Charlotte Rescue Mission darn close to on time.

Mosey to the field at the corner for The Standard.  Because just like the ‘lectric that comes from Duke Power, things need to done the same all the time.

Mosey towards the stadium, stop at the railings for partner in boards and outboards up to 5 then back down again. Crowd pleaser extraordinaire.

Mosey to the tunnel for a little peoples chair– air presses, punches, and then something new that i have not named yet– slap your hands as deep under your leg. In cadence.  i think i will call it ” jazz hands” but i am open to suggestions.

Mosey to the Big Cats, then get scared away by the p.a. system telling us not to climb on the statues.  Ummm… we weren’t climbing but whatever we can go somewhere else.   partner work at the stairs by the garage with dips, derkins, and barishnakov squats.

Mosey back to railings for negatives.

Mosey back to corner of cedar for time release sprints.  slower guys go first, zoo keeper goes last.


NMM:  Love love love this workout.  It’s so much fun seeing FNG’s push themselves and then all but collapse. No one, and i mean this….NO ONE pushes as hard as that guy that just got to rehab. i don’t know why but  they bring it, and it is awesome to see.

I can’t be there next week, so please post in my absence.  You can’t be me, but that is ok. i get it.


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