Tour de Cotswold

8 men ready for a new route posted for Confession at the Starbucks in Cotswold.  YHC promised we wouldn’t get in the way of Caffeine.  Other than the start, we weren’t even close.  Those guys were probably a mile away by the time we finished a little COP.  Just in case, though, we headed in the other direction.  From Cotswold parking lot, right on Greenwich (after YHC got his bearings), then Linda Lane (behind Cotswold Elementary), left on Water Oak, left on Bertonly, right on Faulkner Place, left on McAlway, right on Melchor, left on Canterbury, left on Randolph, right on Aylesford, left on Andover, right on Woodlark, left on Sharon Amity and back to AO.  According to DRM’s watch, a total of 3.15 miles.  (Didn’t realize how many turns we had until preparing this backblast!)

NMM:  Good effort again by everybody and great weather for a run.  Rocketman, Brownie and Wahoo out front all day.  Unfortunately, getting used to seeing their backsides!  Brownie and Eminem apparently had trouble sleeping, so they met early for a 3 mile warm up run before the main event.  Gus inspired take out by Valdez….don’t let the lighter moments of the day slip past us!




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