Is this still a thing?

I remember back in the day when this Big Hair Monday was a thing. Hell, even Hillary used to be there. I didn’t see a tweet, I didn’t tweet or write a pre-blast. I told two friends, one of whom showed up. I didn’t know this was gonna take work. Like tweet or pre-blast work. I figured I’d just show up and between 20 and 30 of my closest friends who don’t wanna go to PWW would be there.

But noooooooo. There were 9 guys there and one of them had a beard warmer (Teaser Pony). So the lesson here kids is that you tried and failed miserably, so next time don’t try. We’ll, that’s not true. I didn’t try, besides telling 2 friends. And the 9 of us had a grand time.

Heres what we did.

Warm up lap down Lombardy St to the shhhhhh lot.

COP with SSH, windmill, and CDDs.

Mosey to the park entrance. 11s in cadence. Merkins and LBCs (very hard).

Run down the Greenway to the Atrium Healthcare deck. Yeah, the one that is filthy and crowded and busy. And long.

Up the deck 5 burpees at every turn.

Meet at the top for Mary.

Down the deck with 5 sumo jump squats.

plank stuff.

run to the parking lot.

Bear crawl and backwards run x2.

lunge walk and backwards run x 2.

Run back through Katie’s back door. Every time I take people here it freaks someone out and blows their mind. “Whoa, where are we? Where are we going? Whoa!! how did we get here!?!? Crazy man. Crazy”



I think we ran about 2.5 miles. Felt like more. Only God really knows.

Solid crew, except for Teaser Pony’s beard kerfluffel.

We did technically end about 1 minute early. I felt like everyOne would know I ran out of stuff to do and was making it up. I just couldn’t stand to be found out like that. So we ended it. Masterful.


so thanks to whomever runs this thing nowadays and had me sign-up on signupgenius about 4 months ago. My pocket computer sent me an automated message through my electronic mail 2 days ago reminding me. Worked out great. No need for reminder texts, a BHM tweet, or any of that nonsense. Next think you know we’ll show up and there will be one of those really freaky dog robot things that walks up steps to lead the workout. And Hillary will be there. It’s a new age.


until next time.

your friend,








One thought on “Is this still a thing?

  • March 27, 2018 at 9:36 am

    I’ll be there next time Slaughter. I just need two days notice. Glad to see you remember your roots. Go Heels- bye bye Bagley, and that trippin Grayson.

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