Emptied the Toy Chest

The 10 pax that posted for Diamondhead must have known something was up when the Q (YHC) was no where to be found at the appointed launch time 0f 5:30.  Plans were being made for an alternate Q, but little did they know that just around the corner, the toy store was being opened.  So in Pied Piper fashion, YHC finally showed up and lured the Pax to the Folsom Prison Yard, but not before a quick lap around the track with a little COP thrown in.

In store at the Prison Yard were the following play areas (stations):

Battle Ropes, Medicine Ball toss, Jump Ropes, Bucket Carry, Balls to the Wall with Hip Slaps, People’s Chair with Air Presses, One-Legged Dips, Partner Hand-Slap Merkins, Bear Crawl/Crab Walk Across Court, Jump Ups, Derkins

Routine was a set of kettle bell exercises (20 swings, 20 upright rows, 10 each arm lawnmowers, 10 each arm presses, tricep extensions) then do 3 stations.  Back to kettle bells, then back to stations and so forth.

There was a bag of funny looking rubber bands….big ones at that, that Nibbler kept eyeing during the workout.  Something about latex grabs his attention.  Just to make sure they weren’t there for decoration, we put them to use.  Wrap the bands around the ankles, then do side steps while also doing hammer curls (ball chinions).  Finish with a monster walk using the bands.

NMM:  Always enjoy cleaning out the garage and bringing a few toys.  Thanks to Eminem for providing the jump ropes and medicine ball.  Welcome to Hot Lips and welcome back to Noonan.  Hope everyone enjoyed a small diversion from an all-out KB workout.  Music selection was first playlist found that lasted 45 minutes.  No theme there….just something to go with the mumble chatter.  As always, the battle ropes bring out the chatter. #focusonform.

Great take out and weather report by Tesla.

As always, enjoyed the opportunity to Q!

Van Winkle



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