Found: Purple Crayon // Missing: Blackjack

11 men showed up this morning to some gloom and lots of merkins.


Ran down providence towards HT, took a right and stopped in front of the Manor Theater for some merkins and mountain climber.

Moseyed to the laurel/Cherokee split and kicked off the workout. We ran down Cherokee stopping at every cross street (8) for 5 diamonds. Mary for the 6 at providence and then we ran back the way we came stopping for wide arms instead of diamonds. Some Mary for 6 and we were on our way down Laurel street.

To to catch the six, we stopped for some Merkins, squats and burpees. Once we were all together, we ran around Dotger and back up Randolph. For the final leg of our journey, we started at Randolph and ran all of Colville Rd stopping for a burpee+1 at every side street and then back to the AO for COT. All in all, 5 miles and a lot of burpees and merkins.



It was a beautiful morning for my first Q at Ring Run. I was a little nervous because the Pax at RR is some of the strongest out there. Most days I am lucky to just keep up and survive the 5 miles at a 7:30 pace. I think I gave the Pax a sufficient beatdown to continue on with their Tuesday.

I’m telling you guys, Snots is unstoppable. That guy does EC for Ring Run and then tomorrow he will post at Bandit and blow everyone else over. Be watching for him at the next summer olympics.

Purple Crayon parked his car at a mechanic and was fully prepared to do a solo run, but when the ring run pax ran by he jumped right in. Happy you were able to join us and a welcomed addition in terms of Pax Pace. That guy can fly. It was fun to have a celebrity guest star mixed into our usual crowd.

Blackjack was supposed to post today for my Q, but he made up some excuse about his kids and a field trip. Can you imagine that guy as your chaperone on a field trip?

Thanks to Rock for the keys and the tap to lead. I don’t even remember giving him my email, but he tracked me down and I am better for it.

Strong takeout by Cold Cuts! Thanks for the wise words and spiritual guidance.








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  • March 28, 2018 at 4:31 pm

    Appreciate the props PD, but Benefactor had me chasing him all morning.

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