New and Improved!!Now 15% Stronger!!

I forget the name of the comedian, but he has a thing about Right Guard deodorant.   He has been using it for 20 years, and every year the can will change for a while and say ” 15% stronger”. If Right Guard is getting 15% stronger every year, eventually it ought to be burning right through your skin, right?   Alas, ALS is 5 + years old now, and yet improving it so you can be stronger is the goal.

And by improving it, i mean making it suck more.

And by getting stronger, I mean making you ache more  when you get out of your  chair at around 1030 and can’t walk.


And so it was that we began the process for improvement at ALS. Not exactly a six sigma process, but improvement nonetheless.


COP: You can’t improve on perfection, so why even try.

Main event: Mosey to the field for the new stuff.  4 x 4’s at one end, dying cockroach at the playground.  Probably 100 yards down and back. Crowd pleaser extraordinaire. start with one 4 x 4 and 5 dying cockroach (IC) up to 5 4 x 4 then come back down.

Indian Lungewalk Run around the track to the playground.  Total cluster as GAAP blew a gasket due to the back person running before the front person was at the front.  GAAP gets it– he wants to see the process improve as well. Calling people ” knuckleheads” might not be the best way to make that happen but i get the intention.  I have GAAP signed up for Sensitivity Training in April.


Partner up for 3 rounds of pullups/ run the Stairway To Heaven.

Mosey back, Mary for 3 minutes.

NMM: So….. I just KNOW  that you are wondering what the  4 x 4 is and where it came from.  4 x 4 is a burpee with 4 merkins and 4 mountain climbers.   It sucked so we will do it more.  I found it on the website under exercises–  what a novel idea, putting info on the interwebs…..

Plenty of comments on the music. DRM called it suicide music which is a little harsh. But, in the interste of improvement, these comments are taken into consideration.


And by taken into consideration, I plan on ignoring all criticism. Music or otherwise.


Announcements:  Help out tomorrow at Billingsley with the egg hunt at 415.  Then go to NoDA and support OBT with his Ruck Thang starting at 630. yes, that means moving HDHH to noDa but consider it an improvement.  Fresh meat is doing something that involves wearing a ruck on a bike on a kayak.  see him for details.

Great takeout from Valdese. Just perfect for Holy Week.

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