103 served; beat that McDonald’s!

Fortitude, like MIP, is a special workout.  The 1stF can be a challenge to Q, with a wide range of fitness levels.  The 2ndF is present of course.  But the opportunity to live out the 3rdF in real-time is what makes this special.

We’re a little over a year into Fortitude.   Since the launch, 103 unique Shelter Guests have participated.   Half of these have only posted once, but all are now Members of F3 Nation.   When you visit the Shelter, it’s not uncommon to see at least 10 Guests sporting their F3 Hoodie or t-shirt (even the ones who only posted once).   It’s also not uncommon to see certain Guests in their F3 Hoodie, almost every time you see them.   The Guests don’t have an extensive wardrobe and the F3 gear is quality material with a bad-ass design; but its appeal to the Guests is more than that.

We’ve heard time and time again from Guests how the workout makes them feel like they’re “part of something”, makes them feel “normal again.”   And that’s true even if they only posted once.    As the Shelter Director says, Men often show up on the Shelter’s doorstep on the worst day of their lives.  The workout cuts through that Gloom for 45 mins to give them a glimmer of hope and the F3 Hoodie reminds them daily that they’re part of something again.

I’m 1000% grateful for the support of F3Metro and the F3Foundation, in launching and sustaining this workout.   I’m thrilled that this idea led me to Slaughter, who as you all know, is a HIM to the nth degree and a wonderful Human Being.   I’m particularly grateful for Slaughter’s authenticity and example in speaking from the heart in Backblasts and in Life; I’m learning.

I’m grateful for the Shelter’s willingness to entertain this experiment; and I’m grateful to our Shelter Pax for the lessons they’ve taught us, the faith they’ve shared, the perspectives they’ve changed, and the opportunity they give other Pax to live out and grow in their Faith through this workout.

I’ll detail the exercises shortly.  But there was a lot of other activity Tuesday a.m. that is worth noting as well.    Toolbelt stepping up and manning the gear closest; Thrust running side by side up the hill with FNG Headlock, to get to know him, to make him welcome, and to support; Carrier doing the same with FNG Spring Break; Country hanging back to do arm work with Witch Doctor and Pharaoh who have mobility issues; Megabus sticking around to not provide legal advice after the workout; all of the Pax who readily came in after the workout to help move our gear out of the closet.   And those are just the examples I saw; I’m sure it’s just the surface.

Here’s what we did:

COP    20SSH; 20IW, 10WM, 20LSS.     Start to repeat while waiting for Happy.   20SSH, 20IW.  “Next exercise is the Windmill.”  Slaughter: “why don’t you go on ahead and I’ll wait for Happy”.  All of people to object to a second set of Windmills; never saw that coming…

Mosey to U-Haul:  20 step-ups in cadence, leading with right leg.  20 dips IC; 20 step-ups in cadence, leading with left leg.  20 dips IC.

Mosey to parking lot on Ashby.  7s to end of Ashby (or light pole of your choosing):  Burpees up top; squats at bottom.   Plank while wait for 6.

Mosey to underpass for People’s Chair.   Air curls and air presses while holding chair.  Recover; repeat.

Mosey Ted A. Greve’s law office for Mary.   20 LBCs IC, 20 Dollies IC, 20 Freddie Mercuries IC.  J-Lo 10 in cadence.  Superman right arm out, signing Greatest American Hero.  Superman left arm out, humming the Superman theme song.

Mosey back for COT.


  1. Yesterday was the last workout for 4 months at the Men’s Shelter location.   New Fortitude AO starting this coming Tuesday 4/3 at Walter G. Byers Elementary.  5:45 a.m.  – 6:30 a.m.  Just show up in school parking lot; we’ll be there or will be arriving shortly with Shelter van.
  2. Men’s Shelter Fundraising breakfast. Thursday April 12th 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. at the Westin. 40+ Pax have rsvp’d.  Please reach out to Pipeline for questions or to rsvp, jordanabshire1@gmail.com.
  3. The CLT Dream Center / King’s Kitchen is putting on a basketball tournament in Reid Park on Saturday April 21st.   Purpose is “to engage and connect neighborhood males with believers in Christ for discipleship.”   They have reached out to F3 for help, with 2 roles in particular 1) serving as Referees; 2) serving as Team Liaisons during the Tournament.    Max commitment would be 11:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. but most will finish earlier, as the tournament is single elimination.  Please email Pipeline for more info, jordanabshire1@gmail.com.   For other roles (score-keeping, food, set-up, etc), you can sign-up directly at http://signup.com/go/WPQmteh.

Take out by YHC.


Thanks again to all of the Pax, who helped load our F3 gear from the “F3 closet” the to van.  The goods were successfully delivered to the Statesville Ave. facility and we have a brand new, roomy Pod to operate out of there.

Welcome FNG Headlock, a “Respect”, and former 6-time European wrestling champion for the Army.

Welcome FNG Springbreak, who grew up in Ft. Lauderdale and Pensacola.   I was angling for La Vela, but wrong city and probably best to leave those memories interred.

They say It never rains on Fortitude and it hasn’t for an entire year.  Despite forecasts and occasional wicked weather Monday nights and early Tuesday mornings, it always seems to stop by 5:45 a.m.   Yesterday, during Mary, we were blessed with a light and refreshing sprinkle as we concluded.

If it ever does rain on Fortitude, I promise not to lose faith or sacrifice an FNG in an effort to appease. But over the last year, I’ve seen time and time again the marks of an invisible hand, impacting this effort.   And the opportunities not just to minister, but to be ministered to have been abundant. So to me, that sprinkle during Mary was just a subtle reminder that the Sky-Q has his Hands on this Mission.   And for that we give Thanks.

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  • March 28, 2018 at 11:42 am

    Pipeline, great recap of an amazing year! Well done. Looking forward to exploring some new terrain the next few months.

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