15 for a site Q leaderless edition of the Bandit.  We miss you Reddd Foxxx, hope all is well with baby Sophie…


10 burpees OYO to make sure everyone was ready

Greenway to the rock formation stopping at each crick crossing for 5 megaburpees

Mary while we wait

Partner up; partner A runs up the steps to Morehead, right on Harding, back over bridge to greenway to meet Partner B who is completing 20 merkins, 25 dips, LBCs while they wait

3 rounds of that

Up Morehead to Edgehill Park for more partner work:

10 dumbocrats each at the playground

Partner A goes backwards up the west side of the park

Partner B goes forward up the east side of the park and completes a loop of the Duke Mansion driveway (sneaky long driveway)

Partners meet at the top of the park for 10 handslap merkins

Repeat doing the opposite of what you just did

Mile back home via Kings



Billingsville Easter Egg Hunt today at 4:15.  When that whistle blows, all hell breaks loose.  Sounds awesome. And if you didn’t know, it’s over now.

Go to a different workout over the next week or so.

Jeeves with the takeout, thank you brother.

Bare Banter

As we moseyed out of the lot to the greenway, Curly and Lee mentioned that they went the same way yesterday at WIB.  Then when we headed up to Edgehill Park.  Lee again said samesies. Geeze…that stinks for those folks that went back to back at Freedom Park yesterday and today.  I was getting my accountability on so was unaware.  If only there was a way to know what occurred at a workout you may not have attended.  Like a forum of some sort, maybe even a virtual one, where one could visit and see a simple breakdown of what part of the AO was used, what exercises were called, and maybe even share a quip or two that might get a laugh from the team.  If only…  #lookingatyouboone

I was chatting up LBJ after the workout and asked where he was yesterday.  “At SIB, getting faster”.  Truer words have never been spoken.  I used the hell out of SIB as I trained for my last race.  I feel kind of bad though cause I haven’t been back since.  That place is terrible.  Toughest post of the week.  Nash, I don’t miss it at all, and will be back as my next event gets closer…

Thanks for the chance to lead Redd.  Hope to see you out soon.

Thin Slice





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  • March 29, 2018 at 10:02 am

    Slice. The general direction and geographic location of the workout was similar to WIB the day before, but the called exercises and circuits were different, and hellish. Megabupees and Dumbocrats are always very unpleasant. I completely agree that the Duke Mansion driveway is sneaky long and mostly uphill. Will have to remember that one.

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