Say What?!?

When Whim told YHC in October that I was scheduled to Q at Copperhead, I was like “Say What?!?”   Hadn’t posted there since we launched Fortitude in March.   Turns out Day-Z had signed-up everyone who had ever posted at Copperhead to Q through 2022.   #Voluntold (without the told).  Since I don’t like to say No as a general matter and since 3/26 was five months away, I agreed.   3/26 was Monday and here’s what we did:

COP:  20SSH (IC), 20 Imperial Walkers (IC), 10 Sharon Towers (IC), 20 Copperhead Squats (IC).

Mosey to Sam Drenan and Sandlewood.    7s uphill to Sandlewood and Skyland.  Burpees up top, and squats at the bottom.   Kudos to Whim and Stat for the extra lap, or more precisely, for counting correctly.

Mosey to Basketball Court: Lunge walk court, 5 pull-ups on playground.  Bear crawl court, 5 pull-ups.  Crab walk, 5 pull-ups.  Burpee broad jump, 5 pull-ups.

Mosey back to Rock Pill near entrance off Randolph.  Grab a rock; circle up; after each exercise pass your rock to the right.  Curls for the Girls 20 IC, Overhead Press 15 IC, Skull Crushers 10 IC.  Repeat.

Mosey toward fountain to wall.   Hold People’s Chair while alternating air curls, and air press.

Mary at Fountain:  LBCs, Dollies, J-Lo, Superman (right arm out, while singing Greatest American Hero); Superman left arm out, while humming Superman theme song).



Whim: prayers for ailing mother in California, which might necessitate move back to California

Tonight 3/28 Easter Egg Hunt prep at Billingsville; show up at 4:30P.M. to help hide 600 eggs.

Thursday 4/12 Men’s Shelter Fundraising Breakfast 7:30 a.m. 9:00 a.m.  at the Westin.   40+ Pax scheduled to attend; email Pipeline for details

Saturday 4/21. The CLT Dream Center / King’s Kitchen is putting on a basketball tournament in Reid Park on Saturday April 21st.   Purpose is “to engage and connect neighborhood males with believers in Christ for discipleship.”   They have reached out to F3 for help, with 2 roles in particular 1) serving as Referees; 2) serving as Team Liaisons during the Tournament.    Max commitment would be 11:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. but most will finish earlier, as the tournament is single elimination.  Please email Pipeline for more info,   For other roles (score-keeping, food, set-up, etc), you can sign-up directly at

Take-out by Stat



Appreciate the opportunity to lead Day-z; and respect your expectancy (Sign them up and they will come!).

Mint Museum is a beautiful to place to meet; and Copperhead is a good group of guys.   6:00 start comes in handy too, after the weekend.  Put Copperhead on your list.

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