Shop Class



Out Park to Upper Lizzy (Novant Health) down to Charlottetowne.

Back pedal Upper Lizzy. Merkins. Back down through Charlottetowne to Lower Lizzy.

Back pedal Lower Lizzy to Charlottetowne. Merkins.

Run back down through Kings and over to a parking deck.

Run up and down the ramps for a while; forwards, backwards, wheelbarrow.

Stop occasionally and do stuff; Merkins, Wide, Diamonds.

Jump to the stairs. To the top for mini-core; oblique crunches, leg throws, little baby crunches

Back down, back up, merkins.

Back to Lower Lizzy for suicide, stops at each crosswalk, merkins at the bottom

Finish last leg together and stop at Charlottetowne for 20-30 second hold of Happy Baby.

Take it home.


  • Swear to you, Cindy was blarin’ EMF’s Unbelievable from the hijacked 2x 15’s he would rock in his ’91 Honda CRX #Sweet16 (that’s a 2-door coupe hatchback for the boys that drove small trucks with big tires in HS). Tahoe’s are equipped with a Bose Sound System. The noise we heard (volume jacked, bass all off) this morning was manufactured in a homemade speaker box customized for a ’91 Honda CRX. How do I know this?

Me: (knocking on the Tahoe window) What the f*ck are you listening to?

Cindy: EMF’s Unbelievable.

Me: Duh! Why?

Cindy: They’re the best, bro!

Me: Who told you that? Sounds all shitty!

Cindy: I hijacked the 2 15’s from my ’91 Honda CRX. Made the speaker box in shop class. Sweet, right!

Me: No. It’s not. Not at all.

Dude took shop. That’s funny. #MoreCindy

  • “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your beard.” – Sourgout

That’s funny.

  • Sourgout can result in gangrene of the big toe.

Not funny.

Sourgout FNG’d Ranger this morning. Gentlemen, take a chance and visit other workouts. See how the other half does it.

  • Almost had an All-Star line up across Metro. Hollins at Atlas. Slice at Bandit. Benefactor at Governator. Booty at Prometheus.
  • I know there are other Wednesday workouts.
  • Great to see Uncle out, talking it up, asking questions about workouts he will never attend.

From Slaughter:

How do you get a tissue to dance?

I don’t know, how?

Put a little boogey in it.

Thanks for coming and hope you had a good time! I had a good time-

CMD, thanks for looking out! Miss you.


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