8@8 Pre-blast – OYO

Your 8@8 co-site Qs, along with Sub4, spent last weekend slogging through the Palmetto 70. We were all a little injured from the get-go, with each of us nursing some sort of calf or leg issue, so not surprisingly, we’re still a little banged up now.

But, we took home first place in the 70, which again is not all that surprising when you look at the field, but a first-place finish is a first-place finish and we’ll take it. And, we left it all out on the course. We can’t wait to show you all our first-place grand prize of … a small, useless, poorly constructed water bottle.

Anyway, all that said, your co-site Qs won’t be with you on Friday. You’re OYO for this one. Here’s the route, in case someone is reading this. And, if no one reads this, which is more likely the case, just follow Federalist for 8 miles.


First 2

  • Out of the lot, down Selwyn
  • Right on Wellesley
  • Right on Stanford Place
  • Right on Radcliffe
  • Left on Selwyn
  • Back to the lot

Next 6:

  • Down Providence toward Christ Church
  • Right on Knollwood
  • (Quick) Left on Ferncliff … all the way until it dead-ends into Barclay Downs
  • Right on Barclay Downs
  • Left on Runnymede
  • Right on Selwyn back to the lot.

Enjoy.  Matlock


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