Opening Day

Good showing for the Tank this morning.  Could have been due to the short-sleeve weather.  Could have been due to the Q.  We’ll never know.  Either way, here is what we did:

Extra Credit:

  • Knock off the cobwebs with some SSH.
  • Mosey over to the Trader Joe’s parking garage. Slaughter informs YHC we will probably get kicked out.  YHC proceeds anyway.  No signs of security this morning.  Run up the ramps, 10 merkins at the top, backwards run the flats, repeat to the top.
  • Stair suicide: down two flights, back up, 10 merkins; down four flights, back up, 10 merkins, down six flights, back up, 10 merkins.
  • Mosey back to pick up the Pax, with a quick stop for some reverse pull-ups under a railing.

Main Event:

  • Let the latecomers get loose with some SSH.
  • Mosey along the greenway, crossing the bridge to Harding. Continue to mosey over to the Mega Deck.
  • Run to the top of the ramp, 30 LBCs, back to the bottom, 10 jump squats, to the top of the stairs, 20 merkins, back down. That’s 1x.  We did it 3x.
  • Dolly, Freddie Mercury, Flutter, Rosalita while we collect the Pax.
  • Suicide up the ramp using the three flat spots.
  • Mosey to the clock tower on the greenway. Dips, derkins, and dips.
  • Mosey to the fountain. Squats and derkins.
  • Mosey to Target deck, passing through the Trader Joe’s parking garage #livingontheedge
  • Partner carry up the stairs. Flapjack. Mosey to the rails for more reverse pull-ups, LBCs, and reverse pull-ups.
  • Finish with some stairs, burpees, and merkins and back to the parking lot.

Naked Moleskin:

Good crew out there this morning.  Curly came out swinging in EC and remained in the front all morning.  Lee, Steroid, Consuela (in town from Boston and related to Jeeves), and Curly made the Mega Deck routine look easy.  Tormund, Maybe, Vorhees, and Slaughter weren’t far behind.  Opening day for baseball: YHC hopes the Mets can stay healthy this year and that Syndergaard lights up Maybe’s Cardinals today.  YHC couldn’t not admire Monkey Feet knocking out some merkins #beautiful.  Good to see neighbor Mighty Wind this morning, although didn’t see him walking the dog post-Tank.  H.E. and Barney had very business-like mornings.  Westworld made it to at least his second workout of the week.  He was an FNG at #P2W on Monday.  Glad to have you back brother, and you can look forward to having some different Qs next week.  Tormund made YHC feel loved this morning.  Usually when partner carries are called, YHC sees many eyes dart away.  Not with Tormund.  He went out of his way to request YHC’s companionship.  #lasttimehedoesthat.  Nice work by Oswald, he pushed himself and got better today.


  • Billingsville on Wednesdays now, but not next Wednesday #springbreak
  • Fortitude – Due to renovations at Men’s Shelter on N. Tryon, moving to a new AO starting next week. Walter G Byers Elementary.  Slaughter has the Q.
  • April 12th – Men’s Shelter Breakfast. F3 has some tables, let Slaughter or Pipeline know if you’d like to attend.

Thank you Lee for taking us out.

Thank you Curly for the tap to lead.


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  • March 29, 2018 at 5:24 pm

    Thrust. Great lead! The MegaDeck is never routine! Lots of stairs today for a real smoker. Well done!!

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