Swings, thrusters, presses, derkins, butt busters… but wait, there’s more!

Because Skoal and Van Winkle just HAD to get in some extra credit running before today’s regularly scheduled Meltdown my favorite parking spot was already occupied by a particular white SUV when I arrived at Freedom Park this morning.  (I’m hoping that makes both of them feel really awful.)

With steam coming out of both ears, and nostrils, I knew I had to compose myself as today’s Q before everyone else arrived.  Not an easy thing to do when you are so terribly inconvenienced, having been forced to park 15-20 feet away from your normal spot. Time to regroup.

By the time we circle up I’m sure none of the pax could even tell I had faced such a traumatic event.

Warm-up: SSH, IW, and MC.

Four rounds of timed KB exercises: 2.5 minutes to complete 20 swings, 10 presses each arm, and 10 thruster rows.  Rinse and repeat x 4.

Leave KB’s and mosey down to lake stopping for short plankorama at the bandstand.  Continue travels over along the path to the walls below the picnic shelter.

Two sets of 7’s:

1) derkins at the bottom, up the hill to the picnic benches for step ups, and back down.

2) dips at the bottom, Bulgarian butt busters up top at the picnic tables.

Mosey back, again stopping halfway for short plankorama. Then on to the rails back at the baseball field.  Enough time left for: two rounds of overhand and underhand iso hold inclines then 10 closed grip incline merkins and 10 reverse grip inclines.


Rev and Hoedown off to Phoenix tomorrow for the final round 4 of the Phoenix launch, #savingthebestforlast.

Valdez Q’ing Revolution on Saturday.

Pigskin with the takeout.

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