Soggy cake… lots of layers

Last minute fill in Q’s are the best… and the worst.  Immediately, YHC goes into the bank of old workouts, and the ones that suck the most are always the first to pop up… alas, a particularly sucky one came up and that’s what we set out to attack on gloomy morning in Cotswold for the best 5:45 workout in the entire Nation.

At 5:45ish we headed out of the parking lot and headed for the #hotbox.  Nice weather, Noonan asked if a) we would be running a lot, and b) if it would stay dry.  My exact words were not :a lot” and iPhone says rain is holding off.  As we began COP in the #hotbox, Snowden showed up (should have noticed he was a bit more wet than we were)

COP was the normal flare, SSHx20, merkinsx15, copperhead squatsx15, LBCx20.

Everyone grab a coupon, and we head across the street to St. Gabe’s.  In the rain.

Thankfully there were couple pax members who let YHC know of the situation with the rain, I wouldn’t have known without their help.  Mosey to the bottom of the lot to start a nice layer cake.

Start with 5 jump over burpees, carry coupon across lot for 10 goblet squats, back for more burpees, then more squats (whilst carrying coupon).  Leave coupons, head up hill for 15 dips, then back down for more squats and burpees (with coupon in tow), back through the grind, this time finding ourselves at the crosswalk for 20 heels to heaven, then back on through.  Repeat this time moseying all the way back around the lot for 25 curls (for the gurls), then begin unlayering the cake (much to the chagrin of Nash and Eye Chart who were setting the pace).  Couldn’t quite finish (somewhere along the way my watch paused for 5 minutes), thought we had more time.

Did a quick set of 10 overhead presses, played frogger pretty effectively to bring the coupons back.  Then made our way back home, for a brief stop, 10 count 6 inches, then AYG home.  Almost 3 miles with a lot of coupon carrying.


Good crowd for some chatter, Coach brings out the best in us.  Just like Nash brings out the speed.  Appreciate the opportunity, ’twas magically in the rain.  Stogie keeps it positive by saying it will cool us down.  Lighter crowd courtesy of SB ’18! But glad those that could join were there.


Fortress needs Q’s

Sump is Q at Midwood tomorrow.  Revolution still launching.  Billingsville is now Wednesday.


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