Sump has the Q at Midwood tomorrow. And 6@6 pre-run with Missing De

Sump, has the Q (lead) tomorrow morning for what will certainly be a can’t-miss workout.

Sump signed up months ago and after last week’s workout, as the rest of us were departing to head home, he went off on a recon run to do some scouting for his Q this weekend.  The Man is prepared.

Meet in the parking lot of Midwood Park at 7am tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

Missing De is leading the 6@6 run before the workout.  That’s a 6 mile run starting at 6am, not 6 miles at a 6 minute pace… 6@6 will depart from the Park parking lot as well.  I plan to participate in both.  Runners, even if you are tired after the run I strongly encourage you to try to stick around for the workout.

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