2nd Q writes the backblast

Three running braves stood around in a circle at 0700 and someone asked “Who’s Qing”… each of us pointed to the right, so we decided to Q by committee.  Here’s what we did.

Eyechart started us off – mosey to Billingsville elementary and circle up for warm-a-rama:  SSH, IW, Mountain Climber, Peter Parker, Parker Peter all IC.  Head fake mosey past the new signs at the playground and over to the amphitheater for 11s – dips at the bottom & copperhead squats at the top.  During 11s, Barracuda joins us after Spaghetti 6.  Then include merkins & derkins IC.

Pass the baton to Alphabet – mosey between the lower baseball fields, lunge walk halfway up the hill, then reverse lunge walk the rest of the way.  Mosey up to the new stadium, stopping at several other field’s bleachers for several trips up & down.  At the new stadium, dips IC then elbow plank, side plank each side for time.  Mosey down & YHC notices a bag o’ concrete mix in the home dugout.  Since it’s just past opening day, let’s circle the bases taking turns carrying the bag o’ concrete mix – YHC started & whoever passed me first after circling gets the honor of the next carry.  Rinse n’ repeat until everyone had a turn.  Mosey to get some coupons for goblet squat, curls & goblet squats.  More moseying back while doing bleacher up & downs.

Pass the baton to Deertick – mosey back to Billingsville elementary, stop to notice the reading comprehension questions on the new signs… “Why did the goat want to eat the bicycle?”  (Most have been time to upgrade to a full carbon frame, deep well rims, and a Campagnolo Super Record groupset  #Gears).  Do 5 sets of:  5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 10 dips, 10 squats.  Mosey behind the school – bear crawl halfway down & lunge walk the rest.  Mosey to the fountain at the mint for a couple minutes of Mary:  LBC, heels to heaven, flutter, and finish it off at 7:59:50 with 2 reps of rosalita.


The new signup genius for Cherokee isn’t quite filled up yet, so today we Q’ed by committee.  We were all impressed when Barracuda won the direction roulette and picked the right way to run after, ahem, finishing Spaghetti 6 (5 trips up the mothership no less) and finding the Pax about 5 minutes into the workout.  Already in mid season form for BRR. Deertick and YHC shared a brief moment of happiness for our alma mater winning the NIT, but only as brief as finishing the season the 69th ranked team deserves.  All Pax headed to coffeteria where we were surprised to see Cherokee regular, Buzzcock, who went to Core today as he is nursing a pulled hammy (get well soon) and delighted to see a couple of Pax from Revolution join the coffeteria.

As always, thanks for the opportunity to share the Q – and thanks to Eyechart for the takeout.  Happy Easter to all.

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