Reliving My Hate Days

Many years ago, YHC was a Hate (back then we called ourselves Thirty Somethings) & had just gotten married. First big purchase the M & I made as a married couple was a 2 bedroom 1200 sq ft. bungalow in Plaza Midwood.

One of the key criteria in buying this house was its proximity to Thomas Street Tavern, which interestingly is located on Thomas Avenue not Thomas Street. #priorities

We loved the house but quickly outgrew it. We loved the neighborhood but a house the size we wanted was pushing what we could afford. After 3 years in Plaza Midwood, the M & I bought a bigger place in C-Rock, had 3 kids & fell out of the hip scene. #realpriorities

Thanks to F3 Midwood, YHC can relive his care-free days prior to fatherhood by running the streets of Metro’s hippest workout.

Yesterday (3/31) YHC has the privilege of leading 19 Beasts @ Midwood. This is what went down…

The Thang

Mosey to Midwood Baptist

COP: SSH/ IW/ Windmills (for Slaughter + great stretching exercise)/ Merkins/ Copperhead Squats/ Heels to Heaven

Run down Country Club Lane
Stop 3 times for Plank Jacks
Run back to Midwood Baptist
Stop 3 times for Burpees

Grab spot on Midwood Baptist wall
Rd 1: People’s Chair (Papillon tells joke which apparently is better when told in German)
Rd 2: People’s Chair R Leg out/ L Leg out (Slaughter tells several jokes – some funny)
Rd 3: People’s Chair w/ Air Presses (no jokes)

Head back to Midwood Park amphitheatre
11’s: Derkins & Dips

Mosey to basketball court
Dirty McDeuce
4 rounds of 3 exercises x 12 I/C – after each round, run to end of Wilhelmina & back
Rd 1: Merkins/ Mtn Climbers/ Flutter
Rd 2: Diamonds/ Squats/ Dolly
Rd 3: Widearms/ Jumping Lunges/ Rosalita
Rd 4: CDD/ Peter Parker/ LBC

Down to playground for quick circuit
Dips/ LBC/ Pull-ups/ Burpees

Run out the clock on basketball court with side-to-side shuffle


Due to renovations at the Uptown Mens Shelter, Fortitude is moving temporarily to Walter G. Byers Elem beginning this Tuesday, April 3rd.  Slaughter has the Q.

Welcome FNG “RP1.” Cobains for forgetting his hospital name.  He came out after learning about F3 on Next Door.  RP1 has a doctor’s note to avoid running which is fine.  F3 is You vs. You. Be sure to check out the Core workouts which minimize running.

Interesting side note: RP1 got his name because he works for Microsoft and wore an Xbox sweatshirt.  OBT wondered if he was a gamer.  In the naming process, YHC tried to think of a popular YouTube gamer.  Sadly, YHC doesn’t know the name of any popular gamers.

Coach doubled-down with both 6@6 and Midwood.  He was ready to leave after the pre-run. YHC assured him we weren’t running all over the place and Coach agreed to stick it out. Good thing he did because when YHC needed a 10-count, Coach came through big time. #wheelhouse

The 6@6 pre-run had a good crowd, believe it was 8 total including 6 DD’s.  My understanding is Missing De and Mr. Bo are behind this terrible idea to run 6 miles before working out.

Speaking of Missing De, had no idea the 2nd part of his name was pronounced “Duh.” Always thought it was “Dee” like the sarcastic younger sister on the ’70’s tv show “What’s Happening?”

Truly appreciate the non-regular Midwood Pax who posted in support of my Q.  Midwood has it going on! Need to bridge the “gap” between them and the rest of Metro.  Seems like a lot of Midwood regulars aren’t getting out the rest of the week to other workouts in Metro. Hope that changes as well as more Metro Pax check out what Midwood has to offer.  Its only going to make us all stronger. #BreaktheBubble

Lastly, thanks to Pipeline who invited YHC to Q back in January and Gridlock who allowed it to happen.  It was a true honor to lead Midwood!

Keep it rolling fellas!




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