Goin’ South

When my M and I moved to Charlotte, we rented in Uptown.  At an out of state wedding, another wedding guest told us that his sister lived just outside Charlotte, to which my wife responded “Dilworth”?

We’ve since ventured outside of 277,  but settled East in Plaza-Midwood.  And lately, more and more of my time is being spent West, as we get Revolution off the ground.

So it was with great excitement that I accepted Stogie’s invitation to Q Big Hair Monday and notch my first Q South of East Blvd.  After a little pre-workout reconnaissance, during which I nixed the planned Indian Run around #lakesuperior (we only have 45 minutes after all), it went like this:

The Thang:

Mosey to Basketball Court for COP:  20SSH, 20IW, 10WM, 10 LSS

Mosey to SoccerField:  Partner-up:  Partner A runs across width of field and back while Partner B does exercise.  Pick-up on Partner B’s count.  Switch and Repeat till complete.  50 Burpees, 100Merkins, 200 LBCs

Mosey to bike rack in front of amphitheater:  11s up Hill; Plankjacks at bottom, Squats up top.

Indian run toward Pavillon.   Find ledge.  20 step-ups (right leg) In Cadence; 11 dips IC, 20 step-ups (left leg IC.  10 Jump-ups OYO.  10 Durkins OYO.

Mosey to edge of parking lot.  Bearcrawl to 1st tree.  Lungewalk to next tree.  Crabwalk to last cone.  Indian Run to Basketball Court for Mary.   20 Dollies IC, 12 Freddie Mercuries IC; 12 Rosalitas IC. Superman steering with right arm, singing Greatest American Hero; Superman steering with left arm, humming Superman theme song.

AYG back to parking lot.


Take-out Pipeline


Vamos observation: 8 inches hurts more than 6 inches

Pipeline observation: Much greener AO than Fortitude; someone should make a park out of this space.

Thanks for the opportunity Stogie!  Enjoyed it.



  1. Spartan Race in Concord this weekend
  2. Fortitude A.O. is now Walter G. Byers Elementary through July.
  3. Men’s Shelter Annual Fundraising Breakfast, Thursday April 12th.  Email Pipeline for details, jordanabshire1@gmail.com
  4. West Charlotte: Reid Park Basketball Tournament Saturday afternoon 4/21.  Looking for referees or team liaisons to get to know neighborhood teams during Tourney; excellent opportunity to EH for F3.  Email Pipeline for details.

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