Passion of Combine

11 brothers gathered in the gloom to grind out a Combine workout. Here is what you missed…

Warmup – Farmer Carry up around Euclid to the side of the school, 25 swings, and 5 burpees.

Partner work – 2 rounds of..

  • P1 down Euclid and 10 HR merkins
  • P2 up the stairs with both bells: 20 swings, 10 Goblet Squats, 10 Clean/Press

Go to ledge by the school – One legged squats with a racked bell. 25 Swings and 5 burpees

2 rounds of

  • P1 down Euclid and 10 HR merkins
  • P2 – 10 Squats, 20 Swings, 20 Derkins, 10 Step Ups

4 corners around the football field – sprints and exercises.

15’s of burpees and pushups on the playground.

4 corners around the football field – sprints and exercises


Combine on Good Friday and the start of Passover made it a very religious experience out there, although we did not crucify anyone as that already happened for us, thankfully. We did workout pretty hard, the stairs on the side of school are a nice little wrinkle. Gets the quads going when you go upstairs and squat with 2 bells. Narc and Curly dominated many of the sprints while Foreclosure and Boba Fett dominated much of the mumble-chatter. Sorry for yelling at you guys, I was hyped up. How about Snoop posting Combine 2 weeks in a row? His summer blonde lady has already noticed the change in his guns. #GettingHisBone We need more Snoop in F3. We need a few others that I don’t see anymore either — Swamp? Cindy? Ice9? Rhapsody? TML? Your bells are calling your name. The rust is not a good look. Come get some of Uncle #614 is on it’s way back – Hilary knows…..he at least posts for a few minutes of the workout before putting the 7 series in auto-mode and leaving mid-workout. I thought that was Tormund out there? Steady as usual.

Slaughts is out there every day making big-time impact. #Selfless They’ve moved the location of Fortitude while the facility is being renovated and residents will be bused to the workout every Tuesday. #Tclaps Checkk website for more details on that…..also, Revolution workout needs FNGs!!

If you are reading this and not had the chance to post Latta on 530 Friday’s morning for Bells and Sprints, you should. It’s pretty much the best all-around workout you can get. Plus it’s pretty good fellowship unless Caeser or KC posts then it’s mediocre

Thanks to Narc for the lead and for keeping the foot on the pedal of this workout. #TrustTheProcess Hope everyone had the chance to give thanks to our Lord and Savior this weekend and hopefully every day for his sacrifice.


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