Baby Boomers

8 loyal Pax posted for another rendition of the Phoenix.


Mosey to dilworth rd. Ran down Dilworth to Morehead stopping for 5 burpees at every intersection.

Bottom of DW we did some dips and then started the first circuit. Squats at the bottom run up dilworth for 10 diamonds at the top x3

Dips, Derkins and Mary and we were on our way to the bottom of myrtle. From there we ran up myrtle stopping for 5 burpees at every cross street ending at the playground.

Into the playground for 3 rounds of pull-ups, merkins and LBCs and then back down Myrtle. Back up stopping at every cross street for plank jacks and then mosey to the balls in front of the school. Stop at the balls for dips derkins and we were on our way back to the AO. Stopped one more time for dips and derkins and we were home at 6:15 on the dot.


Great showing by the Phoenix Pax today. It was Red Foxxxxxs first workout back since baby Sophie decided to make an early appearance. I was pleasantly surprised he didn’t show up smelling like diapers. He said he woke up at 2 to take care of the baby and still got to the AO early for some EC with YHC. That guy is TOUGH.

Mariah and Doobie were no shows. My guess is both were scared of my Q and knew they would just get left behind. Also possible they were getting their nails done together.

Honored to lead this group of men around a dark park.






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