What We Did:

Long warmup waiting for Pitino to suit up cause we just cant get this party started without Pitino and his headbands

SSH for days

Imperial Walkers

Peter Parkers


Parker Peters

Wide Arms

Run down the hill

Stop at the bottom of the hill to partner up, avoiding all forms of fecal matter we did the following (or so we thought)

Partner 1 80% sprint towards the AO

Partner 2 Backwards Run to Bootys house

Meet in the Middle for the following:

20 Hand Slap Merkins

20 WW2 Situps

20 Partner Derkins

20 Flutters

10 Burpees

20 Leg Tosses

Plank for the 6 and 6 inches facing the AO.

AYG up the hill

Plank for the 6 and grab some LBCs

head towards the Hotbox and plank for the 6 with some flutters

Hot Box Sackfest

Partner 1 grabs a sandbag and squats

Partner 2 runs to the end of the box for 5 pullups and back

Partner teams to 100 squats

Partner1 flutters whist P2 runs with sack


Lost BigWorm somewhere between the Flutters and the HotBox and Beaker (cause he has a headlight) went on the search

BigWorm shows up feeling refreshed after an impromptu delivery to Poppys

Sacks got put away and then it got interesting….


We had just enough time for a quick round up the Tower of Terror but I had not prepped the door stops or the signage figuring that one quick round would be fine as long as we all stay together.  Welp, that didnt happen and we had a crew of 5 PAX get locked out of the office crossing.  As the first group of PAX exited the stairwell I noticed we were missing a few dudes.  Suffice it to say we ended up meeting back up at COT and all PAX were accounted for.



Watch it




Lynchpin mentioned the Revolution Park workout on Saturdays at 7:00.  Find out more here:

Lynch also brought up SpeedforNeed signups, learn more here:



Mindfulness is the word of the day.  Use it.


Thanks for the opportunity to spend the morning with you fine men.  – GRIZ


“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” – Buddah



One thought on “#MaizedandConfuzed

  • April 3, 2018 at 11:52 am

    Thanks Lynch and Griz. Yes, couple opportunities to support SFN just by showing up at a race and choosing your own adventure. 4/28 F3Metro is supporting FiA’s SFN race at Teal Diva. And on the same day, the #HIM of Metro (GOP, TML, STH, Matlock, 20/20 and others) are supporting the kids at the Sarcoma Stomp. Would love to have you at this race or some race in 2018. Thanks guys.

    Also I Need to disable the old website, brand new slammin’ one is : http://www.speedforneed.org

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