No Hoops Talk

Spring break brought a light crowd to SIBling Rivalry.  The Q didn’t even come!  It’s all good though.  Not every workout has to be super creative to be effective.

After the OYO warm up, we found ourselves milling around on the track near the starting line and noticed the time was AT LEAST 5:30.  No Q, but it’s time to go.  Time to do… something.

Let’s run a few 800’s  and see if anyone else shows up, namely the Q.  After a few 800’s, there was still just the three of us, so rather than make it (mentally) tough on ourselves, we decided to stick with the 800’s.

The workout: 6x 800 run with a 400 recovery.

Dougherty led the way throughout.  Sump and Deer Tick split 2nd place with three each.  The pace was strong and consistent throughout.  Not OBT consistent, but consistent.  The last three hurt a lot more, at least for YHC, but Garmin said we were maintaining roughly the same speed.

The recovery periods go by so fast.  You look up and it’s time to hit it again.  The whole workout went by fast in fact.  We barely finished the sixth 800 before 6:15.  No time left for stretches or one-legged deadlifts this morning.  The cool-down lap might have even taken us a little long.

After the COT Sump made note of the fact that we didn’t talk about hoops all morning.  The NCAA national title game was last night, and no talk of hoops.  Pretty amazing in NC.

There weren’t many announcements and the one the author recalls is that MIP needs Q’s.  You’ll hear that one again.

For me, my mile splits at this workout are telling me that it’s working.  Mile times are going down.  The proof is in the pudding.

See you next Tuesday.


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