8@8: A loop with some hilly switchbacks

It looks like a lot of turns, but if you look at it on the Strava map, you’ll see it’s really not that complicated. Subway is your substitute Q and he’s terrible with directions, so someone holds his hand and help him with this one.


If you need some discussion topics, just ask him what millennials ruined.


  • Down Selwyn until it dead ends
  • Right on Park Rd
  • Right on Mockingbird Ln
  • Left on Hedgemore Dr.
  • Right on Abbey
  • Right on Montford
  • Left on Woodlawn
  • Right on Brandywine
  • Left on Selwyn
  • Left on Tranquil
  • Right on Westfield
  • Right on Hillside
  • Left on Selwyn
  • Left on Ridgewood
  • Right on Westfield
  • Veer left back onto Selwyn and take it back to the lot


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