Groundhog Day

The Thang:

We essentially did this today:, with a few variations here and there.

The Skine:

  • Reading last week’s backblast (or actually posting at last week’s workout) so you don’t accidentally repeat the exact same workout is surely one of Lee’s First F rules.  Spending all this time with #refuseniks at P2W is wearing off on me, apparently.  Rules schmules.
  • T-claps to Uncle and Caesar who OWNED that one partner carry up the Mega Deck.  Plank it up, wait for the six.
  • Lee was out front as usual, but Slaughter won the stair races.  He won down the stairs first, which was mildly impressive, but then he won up the stairs also, which was more impressive.  Way to leave it all out there, Slaughts.
  • Today’s big turnout is either because I was leading (not likely), because Slaughter promised to give away a car (more likely), or because Thin Slice predicted a once-in-a-lifetime showdown between Thormund and me (most likely; see  Unfortunately for the Pax, I don’t read backblasts often enough (see first bullet point), so I only learned about the details of the showdown after the fact.  Better luck next time, guys.

Curly–Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  You can repay the favor by leading P2W on Monday.

2 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  • April 5, 2018 at 5:05 pm

    It was the car. I was so entranced by the idea of turning in the minivan for something new that I completely forgot that I told Ballz I would cover his Sweet 6 Q. Damn… I hope everyone made it back to Christ Episcopal safely… I need to start writing things down…

  • April 5, 2018 at 5:33 pm

    Not sure how the car exchange occurred during the EC portion of today’s festivities, but I assume it was a result of the highly-anticipated, we’re-not-so-nice-guys battle royale between Gandalf and T(h)ormund. By the looks of both, neither could land a blow on the other one — though maybe it was settled with rock-paper-scissors or a thumb war. Guess you had to show to know…

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